What To Take To The Hospital

bluelouMarch 5, 2007

As a first time grandparent-to-be and my daughter-in-law soon to deliver......other than my purse and camera....can you tell me if you have taken something special for the mom or new baby(that the parents aren't bringing)to the hospital? They haven't found out the sex of the baby so it will be a surprise for all of us. Thanks for your help.

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I'm not a grandparent, but here goes. Did you keep a special stuffed animal your DS loved as a child. If so, that makes a wonderful and thoughtful gift. My MIL gave me my DH's favorite teddy, old, bald as a cue ball. It was a lovely gift and a great contribution to the nursery. DD still has it (she is 16).

If not something that was your son's, how about a piece of jewelry that your husband gave you when your son was born. I don't know if you do that sort of thing, but in our families, it is common for the new dad to give the new mom a piece of jewelry to commemorate a birth. From DH, I received a beautiful charm bracelet with a small baby shoe (maryjane-type shoe) which we later engraved with DD name and DOB. My MIL gave me a pearl and sapphire pin that was given to her when my DH was born.

Just some thoughts. Whatever you give your DIL - your time and love are the best gifts.

Best wishes.

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