Craftsmam Opener Signal

hammer102November 5, 2007

Have a winter home with 2 openers. Was away for 5 months. Came back & key pads did not worl & only 1 opener out of 4 worked on one door.Changed all bateries & still same. Got key pad to reprogram on large door & got 1 remote to do same on large door. Can't get any thing but wall button to work on small door. Help

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I have a feeling while you were away enjoying your summer you had a lightning strike nearby. I think you have one opener, 2 remotes and a keypad that isn't working at all and 1 remote that doesn't work with the other opener. I wish there was an easy answer for you but there isn't. I would plan on replacing the one opener and the remote for the other. If you do this, do yourself a favor and get rid of all unused remotes and keypad. They will do nothing but cause you problems in the future. The other option would be a service tech.

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