Shed floor question

mcleesterNovember 27, 2012

I am building a shed and have completed a plywood floor over 2x6 pressure treated joists. The plywood floor is 5/8" shorter than the rim joist on one side (long side).

This is my largest project to date, and I am without a doubt an amateur. This is probably due to a combination of wood bend, poor circular saw skills, using plan measurements instead of my tape measure, not perfectly square, etc. I checked it for square on the diagonal, but what can you do. Live and learn. :-)

I am wondering if this is an issue. Can I just attach the 2x4 studs to the floor and let them hang over it a bit? I obviously won't be able to fix this later, so I was hoping someone had some thoughts.

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I suppose you could glue a strip of scrap in place or something like that but personally I wouldn't bother since the wall cladding will cover the gap and that little bit missing won't affect the structural integrity of the shed.

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Thanks, Paul! That gives me the confidence to try to put the walls up this weekend.

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I believe mcleester your plan will be good... show us the picture once done...

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Here is the framing up. Thanks for the advice and reassurance!

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Maybe it's the angle of the picture and distance away from the shed but neither the doors and windows appear to be framed correctly. Then again, maybe it doesn't matter for a shed....

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It's how it was in the plans, Mike. It uses blocking style, not typical house-style framing.

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