Partial flooring install - bad idea?

TexasCatherderMay 6, 2012

When I bought my house a year ago, I ripped out the gross carpet and all the sheet vinyl, so all I have now is bare concrete slab in all its glue-stained, paint-dripped, drywall-mud-spattered glory. There are also no baseboards (long story). I'd like to go ahead and get flooring and trim installed, but I also want to do a kitchen remodel that involves taking out a wall between the kitchen and family room.

So, here's my question. Is it feasible to go ahead and put down a floor, and then "patch in" where cabinets/walls were taken out? Or, just do the bedrooms? Or should I do nothing at all until the kitchen is addressed? If it helps, I am thinking either of vinyl planks (Mannington Adura) or engineered wood.

Thanks for any advice and suggestions.

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You could attempt to "patch in"...but that would take plenty of planning and expert flooring repair skills. A competent professional can repair or "patch in" almost any flooring and make the repair invisible to the casual observer.

Another option for you, if you don't want to walk on bare concrete, would be to purchase some cheap vinyl at a big box retailer and throw it in. Then you simply pick it up and throw it out when time comes for the remodeling job.

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From a professionals point of view. I would wait untill all demo is done. It will be cheaper in the long run. Unless you are installing yourself. My company can charge upwards of $100 per sq ft. To patch in. That might be on the high side but it gives you an idea.

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Thank you both. Alas, that's pretty much what I thought the answer would be. I guess it'll just have to wait another year.

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Partial flooring installation,Really a bad idea you can take demos and consult with the experts.

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