Sears Garage Door Repair

toddbesonNovember 24, 2008

I have replaced the gear on my Sears Garage Door opener. The door will start to close and after about 2 sec. it reverses and opens. I have read several discussions concerning the sensor on the end of the motor shaft and the motor shaft coupler. I have adjusted the coupler on the shaft and moved the shaft of the motor as far back as possible, the sensor is on the end of the shaft. It will not work. Any suggestions.

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Make sure the quick disconnect is plugged into the RPM sensor board. Try watching the black plastic interrupt cup as the door is closing to make sure it isn't moving away from the RPM sensor board. Sounds like you have covered most of it. Maybe the RPM board is bad but I doubt it.

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My Sears garage door opener was only coming up about 2/3 of the way. So I adjusted the opening (lift) and decreased the closing settings. Now when it open the carriage stops at the right opening position, then when you try to close it it continues to open until it slams into the opening device and jams up. Do I need to adjust the door closing and opening down (less of each), move the door to the closed position and attach the trolly. Then open and let it reset, and adjust from there??? HELP PLEASE> Should I get a repair man in for $125-$200 or is this a simple fix???

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