**don help** garage door issue (liftmaster)

ynottonyNovember 26, 2007

My door suddenly quit a couple inches from open position, Now it rams against stop bolt even after giving slack and readjusting limit contacts. I removed the chain and it only rotates in one position only. The up limit contact has no effect on the travel as it will ram against stop bolt. When I ran without chain I removed the terminal from the down limit contact and it stops the motor every time, but when I remove the terminal from the up limit contact the motor still runs and will not reverse direction no matter what. I removed the gear from the traveling limit switch when doing these tests so not to strip. Is this the logic board cause I am out of ideas.

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I have had one case of this happening and it turned out to be bad contacts on the limit switch assemble. I used a piece of emery cloth to clean both contacts and it worked. Make sure the lead to the up contact is good. I really suspect your logic board though.

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Thank you for your help Don, I received the logic board and after adjustments the door works fine.

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