Craftsman Garage Door Opener - Remote Randomly Stops Working

sigmapete1November 12, 2013

I have a Craftsman Garage door opener.
Model # 30437

I have two of them set up in a two car garage. One works flawlessly. The second one has constant issues. The most significant is that the remote stops working randomly, but only for that door. All remotes continue to work fine for the other door. To clarify, each remote has three buttons (we only use the left and right ones, not the middle) and on both remotes, the one door (always the same one) will no longer be connected but the other one will work fine. For this reason, I do not believe it is a problem with the remotes. We even tried switching which buttons we use for which door and it's always the same door.

It seems as though it is randomly resetting itself thus causing the remotes to require reprogramming.

Also, on the same door, when the power goes out (even just for a minute or two) the light on the wall button turns off and to get it working again, you have to press it, wait a few seconds and then press it again. The other door opener never has this issue no matter how long the power is out. This is not a big deal but may be indicative of a larger problem.

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