Electrical code requirements in the US

pogobongoNovember 12, 2010

Hi guys,

I am from 220v land in Europe and am finding out about code reqs in the US in order to wire a couple of outlets in a shed.

I intend to run 220v out to the shed to power my European tools but also need 110v for my new US toys!

if I run 3 wires to the garage (2 hots and a ground) this is ok for 220v. If I then want 110v do I simply take one 220v leg and use the ground as the neutral? If so, to what do I then connect the ground on the receptacle?

I understand from what I have read that neutral and ground may only be connected at the main panel subsequent to a code change in 1996, so I am confused as to what to do. Do I need to run 4 wires out to the garage and use one as a dedicated neutral?

Thanks for enlightening me as to how things are done here!


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Your best bet would be to post your question on the electrical wiring forum. There are some pros there that will help you.

Here is a link that might be useful: electrical wiring

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Thye safety ground is NEVER used as a current carrying conductor.

To get 120/240 V you need FOUR wires, hot,hot, neutral (groundED), and groundING (safety ground).

A separate structure can only have a single circuit (though a 120/240 V counts as one circuit) without having a panel.

Your 240 V tools will run fine on US 240 V wiring.

If they have universal motors (brushes and a commutator) they will even run at the same speed.

Induction motor will run slightly faster (US is 60 Hz vs. European 50 Hz).

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Are not Europe and Asia on 3 phase electricity?
So, unless a transformer is used in the system, the life may be reduced for the Euro motors...
Just a thought.

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"Are not Europe and Asia on 3 phase electricity? "

No more than we are in the US.

3-phase is used for large loads, either industrial or with a transformer setup in large buildings (208 V 'sitnger' system).

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