floors for cottage/ sand exposure??

susiemwMay 23, 2011

Hi all,

I have a small beach cottage that needs all the floors replaced. Whatever I install has to stand up to a lot of

sand being tracked in.

A couple of small areas in the cottage appears to be plywood with a rug thrown over it. What was the previous owner thinking?

The floors in the living area, a small bedroom, kitchen and bathroom need to be replaced.

Any advice on what would hold up best at the beach?


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Well the rug over the plywood was a reasonable choice. The plywood could always be renewed by adding more paint and the rug is there for some creature comfort and decoration.

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Except that it is bare plywood...no paint. If it was painted it would make more sense to me.

And the carpet is at least sand colored so all the sand that gets tracked in isn't obviously visible. :)

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Tile, tile, or tile. You can find tile that looks like natural stone, like bricks, like wooden planks, or in a fiesta variety of colors. There's something for everyone. And it's the only choice to really stand up to repeated contact with abrasive sand.

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"Tile, tile, or tile."

Just make sure you get some mats for the kitchen.

If you spend any time preparing food on a tile floor you will want something softer to stand on.

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