Micro Fiber Furniture that bleeds on clothing

JaguarBillyOctober 24, 2012

I recently purchased a red, micro fiber fabic chair and ottoman. The color is rubbing off, I contacted the store, they exchanged it for another one and the problem is still there. I love this chair set so I thought I would ask if there is anything I can do to stop the color shedding. I noticed it on my PJs that are white. The color came right out when I washed them. Is there anything I can spray on the fabric; would scotch-guarding the chair help.

Thank you in advance for your help.

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Did you ask the store for their advice? I would assume it's because it's a brand-new item. Do you know if it's cleanable at all? If it's anything like clothing it would stop bleeding after a couple rounds of cleaning...hope this helps!

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I've cleaned maybe a thousand pieces of microfiber furniture and I've never seen one that faded color. Could it be possible that what you are seeing is fibers that are sloughing off? If you could examine under 10x or so magnification, this could tell you a lot. Ultra-suede microfiber is made by electrostatically deposting short fibers over a glued substrate. It's possible that not all of them reached the glue. But it's also possible this is just a poor-quality fabric and will not wear well.

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I would have to agree that it would take much more than just seating on the a microfiber material for the color to bleed onto anything. Try taking a damp white terry cloth and rub on the material, if you see anything red on the cloth then let it air dry first before trying to wipe off the red color off the cloth.
As bobsmyuncle says you could be experiencing some of the fibers being pulled from the microfiber onto your cloths. And this experiment can help determine this.

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