set screwlok on a setscrew for a tablesaw???

jaansuNovember 28, 2011

I just noticed that the pulley on the saw spindle had worked loose due to the setscrew loosening. Fortunately I caught it before any real damage could happen. Should I use one of these locking pastes on the threads to prevent vibration from reloosening it now that I am going to the bother of realigning everything? I build a worktable around my tablesaw so it is a true hassle to work on this pulley and don't want to go back soon again. Or will I be sorry when I want to remove this set screw and find the stuff won't let go as the Allen wrench strips?

I posted this on the woodworking forum as well; not sure where I find those who know workshop machines.

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In 20+ years, I've never had a reason to want to loosen the pulley on mine, so locktite would not be a problem for me.
BTW, I use easy-outs on allen socket set screws when they are stripped out.

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Thanks, but what's an easy-out?

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"what's an easy-out?"

A steep tapered hard steel left-hand threaded special drill bit.

In use you first drill the screw head with a straight regular bit to create a hole to hold the easy-out on the screw, then drive it in with a reversed drill, or even a wrench or socket set.
It grubs in the sides of the hole and unscrews the right hand thread.

for a real challenge try to find a right hand easy-out for left hand screws.

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