Natuzzi sofa questions

shappyOctober 2, 2006

Hi I posted here the pros and cons of a sectional and have found a sectional I really like but I noticed on this forum there are quality issues.

The sofa is like model 2121 natuzzi but I bought it at Macys. I haven't found it anywhere on the internet, I think Natuzzi might make special models for Macys. It doesn't say if model 2121 has the recliner. If you scroll down to model 2121 it is sort of like this one only with one less cushion and recliners. I bought dark brown.

It is 102 x 102 and has two recliners on each end. It doesn't look like a reclining sofa. I haven't seen anything like it anywhere else and would look really nice in my room I think.

I've never seen a recliner like this before where you pull a string to open it, doesn't seem like it would be that reliable. I haven't taken delivery on this yet so can still cancel. I did get quite a bit off the sale price so it wasn't horribly expensive. I don't want to spend $5-10,000 on the sofa.

I would apprciate any thought or if you think I could get it cheaper than Macys (which is the last place I'd think of to buy really.) The salesman is pushing the insurance policy but I've never found them to be worth the paper they are printed on.

Here is a link that might be useful: natuzzi model 2121

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My husband and I have been looking for a leather sofa as we lost ours in Katrina. We are soOOOO tired. I read alot of info about Natutzzi, and i am n0t too impressed with the frame - particle board and some cardboard so I was told. U may just want to check on the structure before you take delivery. i have read 2 stories in where the side of the sofa just came apart. excuse the typing. tired and tired and stressed. can you give me advice. anything name brand ANYTHING we do not want to spend more than 3000.00 on sofa chair and ottoman. i posted something but no answers. good luck. are you from LA too? one more thing, i have 2 children, we need something sturdy. i know i did not answer your question and maybe just made more, but I had to reply. Afterall, I wish I could get some advice. we need something fast tired of the fema trailer

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No, I'm not in Louisiana. I've looked on the internet and sorry thought you wanted a sectional. I came across this one and it seemed like a good deal. Let me look at anything i've bookmarked and see if it would help you. I can't put my hand in the fire for personal experience but it seems like I've read a review somewhere on this web site and it seemed legit.

Here is a link that might be useful: sectional on sale

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My favorite leather pieces are made by Hancock and Moore and I know they are pricey, but well worth it. It seems to me about this time of year they offer their retailers an ordering discount. Their leathers are good, frames are excellent and the pieces retain their shape.

The NC firm Boyles furniture will work with you on price.

Braddington Young is another decent manufacturer.

We have a Natuzzi in the downstairs den and it is holding upp, but doesn't get the constant use like the Hancock and Moore in the upstairs den.

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I might look into the H & M although the Natuzzi is perfect in terms of price, look, comfort and 2 recliners. Plus they can deliver next wed when I coincidentaly have a day off. Colleen here is another link, looks like pretty nice furniture, a sofa and chair/ottoman for $3000.

Here is a link that might be useful: chair and sofa

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Here is another good deal looks like it's ready to ship with free shipping! Just scroll down

Here is a link that might be useful: Rockefeller set

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Here is another option--they have "quick ship" items and it's in your price range. Take a look.

Here is a link that might be useful: quick ship leather

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I am thinking about purchasing the same Natuzzi leather furniture at Macy's and would like to know if Shappy purchased it and is happy with it. Please let me know.

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I think where you live will have a lot do with your satisfaction. If you live in Minneapolis, your delivery drivers will be coming from Chicago. Confirm all this when you order.

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I highly recommend AVOIDING Natuzzi sectional sofas. You will see there are many posts that state FRAME ISSUES! The 10 year warranty is VERY difficult to have honored. The middle of my sofa now dips down. They like to blame their cheap building process on the CONSUMER! Just avoid them all together or you will toss $2000 to the wind.

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