Craftsman Garage Door Opener - partially diagnosed, need advice

botp2k1November 6, 2008

Didn't realized there were so many Craftsman threads here. Yikes! Anyway, here is my problem, model 139.53479, installed in 97'. Just recently, this issue came up. Opener will not fully open or close unless the force adjustment is turned to max, which then puts the safety reverse at risk.

Here's on far I've gotten.

1. Door is free to open and close, manually by hand. No binding.

2. Travel limit assembly looks fine.

3. The drive gear and worm gear looks fine, no stripped/broken teeth.

4. Thinking the logic board went bad, I ordered and replaced the logic board but the result is the same. So the original logic board should not be the problem.

5. The sending and receiving sensors are glowing steadily.

6. The drive belt looks ok, there are some minor cracks but nothing major I see.

What else should I or can I look for?

I'm not sure what much is left, the motor, the capacitor? Is it the motor? Will a failing capacitor show this symptom, I'm not sure what is the full purpose of the capacitor.

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I want to add that the problem also occurs whether the opener is operated by the wall control or a remote.

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Your problem is unusual. Usually the door will open but not close properly or vice versa. If you disconnect the door from the opener and raise it to waist to shoulder height will it stay in place?

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Raising the door by hand to waist and shoulder level does stay in place. When using the motor to open, it goes up a few inches or up to a couple feet and stops. When using the motor to close, it goes down a few inches or up to a feet or two and reverses, but usually do not go all the way back up in a full open position.

I'm not exactly sure what else to check or logically replace. I did send an email to inquire through Chamberlain because I believe I matched up a Chamberlain model similar but I'm waiting for a reply.

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