Looks like a fun forum for us grandparents

sandyz_2007February 20, 2007

Hi, Just found this forum. I have three grandchildren with a fourth one on the way, due in June. This will make two grandsons and two granddaughters. The oldest is not quite 5. Each of my four sons has given me a grandchild. Only two of my sons are married, so there have been a few problems along the way.

Anyway I hope to join in and brag a little, maybe request another way of seeing an issue, or just connect for a moment in time. I haven't really looked through many posts yet, but will probably spend a little time doing that soon.

My granddaughter calls me GrammaZebra, my grandson calls me Gramma, and the other one doesn't talk yet, and the unborn one ..well..who knows...

Grandpa is called Poppa..

I think I'll just sign my posts, Grammazebra

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I don't check in on this site too often...has never seemed very active. Thought that since you are a new poster, we might be able to get something started. I have two grandchildren, a grandson, 3 years old and a new granddaughter, 3 months old...both from my oldest daughter and her husband. They live about five hours from us, but we manage to visit, back and forth, once a month or so. We haven't seen them since New Years and I am "chomping at the bit" to get there. We're planning a trip next weekend.
When my grandson was born, I said I wanted to be called Grammy (what my kids had called my mother), and my husband wanted to be called Grandpap. Well, he now answers to PopPop and I'm Granny. I'm sure I would be thrilled with whatever they choose to call me...just call me!! Being grandparents has been the most fun and rewarding experience, yet. I think when our girls were growing up, we were too busy with day-to-day struggles to truly relax and enjoy them. Now, just seeing my grandkids little faces makes me smile...and my daughter sends pictures almost daily, so I don't feel too deprived.
Hopefully, we can share some grandchildren stories and compare notes.

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Hi, I just found this also, and now we've got three.
I'm a relatively new grandmom, Piper Lynn is 4yr. I also think its the most fun and rewarding experience I've ever had. My daughter and son-in-law and Piper live with me, and although I was at times beside myself, I really love having Piper with me. My son and his wife are expecting in April but live in Ca. I'm in FL

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Hello -- I just found this forum also. We have 18 grandchildren and 2 more on the way, so my time is usually spent buying birthday cards instead of chatting on the forums available. We still haven't met 3 of our grandchildren because they live in another state, but have seen plenty of pictures. there are 2 sets of twins amongst this gaggle of grandkids, one set identical girls and the other set a boy and a girl. 11 boys and 7 girls as of today.

We are anxiously awaiting the birth of a new grandson in May, 2007. The whole family is having fun suggesting names for this little one and so far Parker seems to be favored by his Mama. We'll see.

They all call me Nana and my husband is grandpa to those who speak well and the little ones call him Geepa.

We just had the pleasure of watching the two youngest this morning while their pregnant Mama went to the doctor. I won't gush, cause I know we all would do that, but it is so refreshing to see the world through young and unjaded eyes, isn't it?

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I only have 1 grandchild, so far, but with four daughters I expect to have a few more. :)
Our grandbaby, an almost 2 yr old girl, is the light of our lives. We live close to her and we watch her everyday while her parents work. It's not easy, but we love it!
We wanted to be called the traditional Grandma and Grandpa, but she seems to have other names for us...Papa and MawMaw. She can say Grandma and Grandpa perfectly, but for some reason when she's busy with whatever, the other names flow out of her mouth. We'll have to wait and see what our "final" names will be.

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As I mentioned in my first post, we're going to visit our daughter, sil and our two grandbabies this weekend. Haven't seen them since New Years, except thru pictures sent on the internet. Will, 3 years old, has been asking when Granny and PopPop are coming...wonders if we don't have a car? Ivy Rose, 3 months old, doesn't wonder about us, yet. She is just settling into a schedule, (somewhat) and is sleeping thru the night. Hooray, says my daughter!! Anyway, I'll share some stories from our visit next week.

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Its really great how many of us are here now. I can only dream of having 14 grandchildren. having one has put me in a whole new state of consciousness. I think Geepa is a great name and should catch on. I think its great your're watching your 2 yr. old while your kids work. I know that takes alot out of you. I'm hoping my granddaughter will stay sweet. I always wonder what she'll be like as she grows up. They live with me and i love how she yells so loud MOM MOM's Home.

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Mommom, I can only dream of having 14 grandkids, also. Won't happen in my lifetime. Right now, we're so happy with our two year old granddaughter and expect that' she'll have a little brother or sister next year sometime. :)
Since I watch the little treasure during the day, I'm her main "source of food". LOL! She refuses to eat vegetables and would live on hot dogs if allowed! Any suggestions from veteran grandparents on how to sneak in some veggies? (I tried the meatloaf trick, but that didn't work).

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We've returned from our weekend trip to visit Will and Ivy, and I'm trying to get rested up from three days of playing "trains, planes and automobiles" with Will...got to hold Ivy a lot, in between our playtime. Will is still adjusting to his baby sister...wants to touch her face, tickle her, and is somewhat rough with her, at times. I would really appreciate ideas on how to handle that situation...and so would my daughter.
Wish we lived closer so I could see them more often...and give my daughter a hand with babysitting. She lives in a very nice neighborhood, though, with lots of mothers with young children and babies, and they are very supportive of each other.
Will was the world's worst eater, starting right after he turned one, and we were so worried about him. His diet mainly consisted of spaghetti,chicken nuggets, bananas, sometimes a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and soy milk or juice. He finally started to eat more things last year and now will try a lot of different foods. One thing that worked for my daughter was to serve very small portions (sometimes on plastic "play dishes"). I think the bigger portions looked overwhelming to him, and it was easier to get him to eat, if it was just a small amount (which she would add to, if he seemed like he wanted more).

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I'm a grandma too! We have one little granddaughter, Cali!
She is just 16 months old. She and her mom, our oldest daughter live about 50 miles away. Not nearly as close as I would like! LOL Usually we have Cali a couple of days a week. When she is here we have her for overnights too! Her mom works nights, so it works out very well for all of us! Last week we had her for 4 days and 3 nights.
I just love being a grandma! Cali calls me Amma and grandpa is Poppa! My husband is so loving the role of Poppa! One of his buddies at work also has a granddaughter just about the same age and they are always telling baby stories!
What can I tell you about "our" little girl? She has red hair and bright blue eyes! No pacifier, no thumb sucking either. She has a favorite blankie when she is here, but not so much at home. She eats just about any thing that you put in front of her. She loves toast and madarin oranges!

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Cali sounds adorable! Mandarin oranges??? LOL!!! You never know what they'll pick to be a favorite, do you? Payton has a serious sweet tooth and when we go into a grocery store, she'll seek out the bakery section and stare at each cake/cupcake. We have to laugh watching her have a look love fest with the pastries.

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