Woca (danish oil) vs. Waterlox

adh673May 13, 2010

I was pretty sold on waterlox (just ordered my samples) when one of my top running mills suggested I look at Woca Oil. He said that Waterlox is great but that it requires a lot of maintenance. He suggested I look at woca oil. As if I need another variable! But research I must- I'm just not seeing a lot of direct comparisons. I think it used to be called Trip trap oil. Anyway know why one should choose one or the other?

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Probably meant "Watco" oil.
It penetrates, has a low solids/solvent ratio, doesn't build a surface. Offers much less protection from water than does Waterlox.
It shows the grain and texture of the wood well. It won't be accused of being "too shiny".

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No, he did not mean Watco. See wocaoil.com and consider also Rubio Monocoat.

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Woca is a European hard wax finish. Others are Pallman, Osmo, Synteco Natural and Rubio Monocoat. They too require regular maintenance but either type is easy to do and a learned homeowner should have little trouble doing so.

The Waterlox has a traditional "hand rubbed" look. The hard waxes are not a traditional surface finish. You need check and see if you would like the look. Their big advantage is extremely low VOC's and regular but easy up keep.

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Thank you for responding. In the end we went with Waterlox- two coats original, one coat satin. Our floors are wide plank walnut.

The Waterlox process was pretty painful because we had to move out three times, the fumes were SO STRONG and it was the dead of winter. But in the end, we LOVE the results. You are very right in the hand-rubbed look reference, the finish is just gorgeous. We've been done with the last coat for about 3 months now so it hasn't been long but so far, there has been no issues with hard kitchen use, rough kids, etc.

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