Craftsman garage door opener wall remote not working

joy1955November 1, 2008

Hello. You helped me 2 years ago with the garage door problem and I can't find the instructions I printed. I also cannot find the model number on the Craftsman unit, only the part #41A5021-5E. The light is constantly blinking on the wall unit and the door won't open. I tried pushing the vacation button for several seconds but nothing happened. The light works and so does one remote so power is on. Thanks for any help you can give me.


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We need to clarify your problem. You say the door won't open but the light works and so does one remote. Do you mean the wall unit? Normally if the light in the wall unit is blinking you can hold the lock button for 3 seconds and that will toggle vacation function. Maybe you can try disconnecting the wall unit temporarily.

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Hi Don. I am able to use the car remote to open and close the door. The wall unit is blinking and I tried holding the vacation button but it continues to blink. I will disconect the wall unit (if I can remember how to open the unit without breaking it. Thanks.

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I'm really curious now with your statement about opening the wall unit. Try to find the model number. It starts with 139. and should be on the opposite end of where you found that part number.

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OK Don I just climbed up and took the light cover off and there was the model number it is 139 5976SRT. If it is wrong then it should be 139 597SRT. I climbed the ladder but am short and had trouble reading it at that angle.
I took the wall unit off the wall and checked the back to see if any spiders had built a new home. I took the wires off and put them on again carefully, as, if I moved it the door would open so I thought they were the problem. New question do the wires go around the screw clockwise or counterclockwise. Sorry. (am in my 70's and this is a challenge.)

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The wires can go around the screws either direction but it is usually easier if they are wound clockwise. You might have a problem with the wall unit itself.

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Tell me one more time what it is your opener isn't doing.

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OK Don. My Craftsman opener has a steady flashing light on the wall unit near the door. It will not open the door but I can turn the light on with it. I took it off and in moving it the door opened. I checked the wires and rewrapped them around the little screw carefully, but it still does not work. (only if I move it around or directly touch the screw with the wire.) I reset my car remote and it worked until I then tried to set the wireless keypad, then none of them worked again. I thought I would set both car remotes and hang one in the garage but it would only set one and it is not working again.......... Did I confuse you more now..... Sorry.

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Don I think I solved the problem. It was my wall remote unit that was causing the problem. I took it off the wall and removed the wires and the protective material and looked at the circuit board. I area around the srew holes looked worn off and only had a couple of small areas that looked like it had solder or metalic substance around it. I touched the wire to this little bit and it opened the door. I have now reprogramed my two car remotes and am using one in the garage instead of the wall unit and have my wireless keypad working. When the new wall remote comes in I will know how to install it. Thanks for your help I have learned a lot.

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Thanks for letting us know what you found. I'm glad you figured it out.

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Hey there, this is really strange... my name is Don as well and I too am having the same exact issue. It's a 1/2HP craftsman door opener from 1999 that's been working just fine up until this week. The remotes work fine, the external wireless keypad all work fine, but the button on the wall unit doesn't.

When the garage door opener is in vacation mode, you get a constant quick blink of the light. You enable and disable this mode by holding the lock button for 3 seconds.

This is completely different than that. The light flashes MUCH faster than that and no matter what you do, it won't go away and the hard wired button on the wall does NOT work. On my hard wired keypad, I have the pad that has the motion sensor for the light, a lock button, a light button, and of course the big door open button with the green light in it.

On this wall unit, the green light flashes MUCH faster than vacation mode, you can not get it to stop no matter what you do, I've tried holding the lock for a full minute, I've power cycled the garage door unit, it still happens. All of the remotes still work, the outside wireless keypad works still, just not the button itself. The light button on the keypad still works and although you don't get a confirmation because the light is already flashing VERY fast, vacation mode still works... you can still disable the remotes and re-enable them with the lock button, you just can't tell which mode you are in because the light is flashing already anyway.

I also noticed that the yellow light above the learn button on the main unit, it is constantly flashing what looks to me like a code... 3 over and over again. I don't know what that means but that's all I can make of it. I don't have the model number right here with me, but it's the million code hopping kind, not the 300mhz one, it's before that. The remotes have a blue button. It's probably the most common garage door opener on the planet, but I'll dig for the model number when I get home. All I know is that I got the code roaming one and I got the one that had the wireless outside keypad as well as the "fully loaded" indoor hard wired key pad with the motion sensor.

Any info would be greatly appreciated. I have verified that all of the wires are properly connected on the back of the keypad as well. What do I do now?

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Three repeating flashes of that LED followed by a short pause is the code for a shorted wall control. Good diagnosis there wa2fast.

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Hi All,

I had the same issue recently and here's what I found out (through a LOT of research) and the solution (yes, there is one!):

As described by many, when you can't get both the remote and the wireless pad to work together it means your garage door opener can accept both rolling code and billing code technology, BUT not at the same time. When you reset all codes (normally by pressing a button on the opener for a period of time e.g. 6 seconds or more), you erase all codes and remote "pairings". Then when you follow the manufacturer's procedure to pair again (which could be the wireless key pad first OR the remote first), the first pairing determines the technology for all subsequent pairings. Example: if your first pairing/programming was with the wireless keypad, and if it was rolling code technology (normally the case for newer models), then the garage opener will only recognize and accept rolling code for subsequent pairings. If your remote(s) are older (billion code technology) then the opener won't even recognize the signal (e.g. led won't blink when trying to pair/program).

And vice versa if you start with your remote after erasing all programming (then your keyless pad won't work).

But here is a potential workaround! For newer wireless keypads (e.g. clicker from chamberlain), you have an option to select the type of opener you are using as you do the initial password set up (normally indicated by a number e.g. 1 for models built after 1995, 2 for models built between 1997 and 2004, etc). Each choice is associated with a technology in the background (e.g. either rolling code or billion code). If you are programming your wireless keypad first after erasing all codes / programming, if you chose the "recommended" option for garage opener, chances are it will be rolling code and that means you won't be able to program your older remotes (billion code) after that. So how can you chose the option that will match your remote???

Here's what you do: start by pairing / programming your older remote first after erasing all codes / programs. That sets the technology (e.g. billion code). Then, go ahead and program your wireless keypad, but you may have to go through the process several times by trying the different options until you find one that works!

For me, I had to try 4 options before making it work. Options 1 through 3 (mind you, options #2 was the exact match for my garage door opener model but it would cause the problem discussed here e.g. wireless keypad would work but not the remotes) would not even be recognized by the opener in this procedure (LED would not blink), but it did work once I hit option 4.

I hope this will help you with your problem. Let me know if it's not clear. Cheers!

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Hi Don, my garage remote, model #139.53879, suddenly just stopped working. I changed the batteries and that didn't work. I tried resetting it but the remote won't reset.

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If you have any other remote units that work then that remote has just quit and needs to be replaced. If that is your only remote unit then the problem gets more difficult because it could be the receiver that has quit.

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My quick release mechanism suddenly isn't engaging...the wall mount control needed a new battery, quick release to get into the garage...reconnected once, then I manually closed the garage door, replaced the battery and now the release won't engage so I can't use the electric opener. any suggestions what to look for ? Thanks

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What brand and model number we talking about?

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Way3fast's description is exactly my problem, down to the model of his wall unit (with the motion sensor). So, I know that it is shorted. What do I do now? Is that a part I can replace and any recommendations for places to get one, if so? Thanks!

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Hi Don
I have a question for you. My Craftsman model 139.53964SRT garage door opener key pad is not working. The remote and wall unit both work fine and I have reset the system several times. Every time I type in a 4 digit code on the keypad and hit enter, the backlight blinks about 50 times and nothing happens. I also have replaced the battery. Please give me some advice - I am totally frustrated.

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I have a craftsman 1/2 hp opener 139.5364. It seems to be stuck going closed. It wont open, when I push the button it powers up and stops , then the light flashes. Is there a reset button or something to make it switch to raise the door?

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I accidentally turned off the breaker that supports my craftsman garage door opener. When I turned it back on, the remotes wouldn't work, and the light on the unit just blinks when I push the button on the wall. The door will close if I hold the button on the wall, but not when I push and release. I looked in the manual and it said that the motion safe sensors were probably out of line. They look to me like they are lined up, but the light on the left sensor is yellow, while it's green on the right.

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can the person who installs a garage opener(a new model) with a rolling code disable the rolling code so it wont work?

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