Wow...more grandmas to talk too!

oldherbFebruary 14, 2003

Wow! I love this...grandma gab! I have been stuck on other forums all winter and just found you all by accident! (like I really need to be spending more time on the web).

I am the grandmother of 3 very fine girls...twins (5 in May) and a 3yr old. They are the joy of my life and add so much to my world. Now I found a place where I can babble about them and I won't have eyes rolling at me...

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Glad you found us. I love all the forums on this site. Congratulations on the 3 girls. Hope they are happy and healthy. I have five (5) grandsons ages 11 mos. to 9 yrs. They are all beautiful even if they are boys.

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What kind of baloney is this, " ... even if they are boys."!!!!

Good wishes to all for a wonderful post-Easter season.

joyful guy/Ed

P.S. Dad had three sons - that helped with farm work when hired men all gone to World War II.

Mom was sick in hosp. (schizo) from when I was 5 or 6 - Grandma (serious curvature of spine) and hired help operated our home.

I remember once him and a neighbour who lived in the nearby village - and who had three daughters - commisserating with one another as to whose parental life was more difficult. This discussion taking place in our farmyard.

Enjoy your week, folks - approach each day with anticipation and expectation. Something new to learn each day - even for old farts like us.

joyful guy/Ed

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