Need your opinion on craftsman door opener

cssbkNovember 10, 2007

I have 2 craftsman 1/2 horse openers bought at the ame time in aug. 1999.

They both have performed great.

3 months ago, we started to fill my side of the garage with yard sale items for an anticipated yard sale. I stopped using that side of the garage so the door wasnt used for probabley ten weeks.

Last week I attempted to open and the light comes on then nothing. No hum. nothing.

1. Sensors are not blocked and are are both bright green.

2. I used both the wall button and the remote. same.

3. Led flashes 5 times.

4. After the main 60w light bulb goes out, I can walk in and out of the garage and the light is not tripped back on. (as normal.

5. I took the chain off the motor sprocket to make sure the motor was'nt being bound up, unplugged and tried again. same.

6. I took the back off the opener, absolutly no evidence of anything bad happening. No shavings, no excesive dirt, no scorch or burn marks on board, lots of whit grease, really looks good.

7. I tested the black and white wires from ac to motor and has power to the motor.

8. Thats about it for me trouble shooting so here I am. I don't want to buy a new motor if thats not the problem. (I don't think it is)same with the circuit board. I'm ready to bite the bullet and go buy a brand new one even though I don't need anything but a new housing.

Tempatures in New Hampshire are falling quickly and would like to get this fixed before snow flies.

Any advice?

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You have done everything anyone could do. I think the motor has quit on you. Time for a new unit as the motor is around $100.00

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