Garage Door Openers-Chain or Belt Drive

g-mannNovember 19, 2009

Need to replace my old garage door opener. The nylon gears inside the old unit are about ready to completely strip anytime now. Teeth are getting very thin and small. Anyway, I was looking at new ones at Menards today. I narrowed it down to two different units. The Chamberlain whisper drive with a belt. Or the chain drive. The belt drivin one has a ten year warranty on the belt, and liftime on the motor. With people reading this with more experience than I, what would you guy's recommend between the two? One lesson learned: keep those nylon gears greased!!

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I have a Chamberlin belt drive that I got at Lowes last year on Black Friday. Less than $200.

I love it. Really really quiet.

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Chamberlain is the #1 manufacturer and their belt drive is their #1 product. Doesn't get any better than that.

But while we are at it you really need to check your door hardware and springs. The killer of that gear is lifting an unbalanced door and it will do the same to your new opener.

You can replace that gear. The part number if 41A2817 (available at any door opener company) and it comes with full instructions.

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A good point for others to follow. And yes I did in fact oiled the hinges, rollers, and torsion spings. Also the instructions that came with the new door mentioned about testing the balance of the door by opening it as I recall around 26" off the ground and it should stay, as mine did.

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