you call this the garage and workshop forum?!!!

mr_havacNovember 15, 2008

Geez, this is about 85% garage door opener problems! I get the impression that if you have or buy a garage door opener it's guaranteed not to work right! Here's some good advice to all of them. Disconnect the darn thing and get off you duff and close the door the old fashioned way, you probably need the exercise anyway! :-)

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Thanx, I hope nobody takes my post serious. I never knew those things gave users so much grief. But what can you expect, quality control is probably non existant at the plant. Who in Mexico or China has a garage to test them on?

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Sir, you are out of line.

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Why am I out of line because I happened to mention that these things are made by people who haven't the slightest idea of what they are or what they do? Why is that out of line? I'm just making an observation.

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mr havac.. you have a point about this being nothing but a garage door opener forum.. its kind of ridiculous.. i came here to get some info on garages.. and i have to sift through dozens of garage door opener posts to even find something remotely relevant.. they should change the name to "garage doors openers" and have a separate forum that is actually about everything else garage related..

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Thanks favabeans5, I guess I'm not the only one out of line! :-) I just can't believe that garage door openers in general can be so much trouble as to generate page after page after page of questions. All these forums suggest to try a search and see if your problem has been discussed before. Thats doesn't seem to be happening in this one. Then someone like you or me comes here expecting it to be what its really supposed to be and somebody else says "YOU ARE OUT OF LINE" Well K my A!

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Now now mr.havac you are letting it get to you. But do tell us what it was you were expecting when you came to this forum. If you have a suggestion or complaint you can click on the "contact us" button on the bottom of the page to get to the powers that be. You will find door opener problems on the Home Repair and Tool Shed forums as well. favabeans 5 says he came to this forum to get some info on garages but he never says what it is he is seeking. Join in have fun and learn something.

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I wonder how many posters on this forum ask 1 question and never come back?

I agree, this forum has turned into the "let me google free garage door problem advice" forum.

It would be cool to have a sticky FAQ thread and require a search before posting. but then nothing would get posted in here :)

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im just kind looking around for whatever catches my eye..

like in the kitchen forum.. you see a wide variety of questions about things and requests for help with picking this or that and images of the kitchens.. now how much fun would that forum be if every post was just..

my microwave broke
my microwave doesnt work
my microwave wont turn on
my microwave stopped working
etc etc etc

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I guess I'm different. I don't go to forums that bore or bother me.

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I've visited this forum on a regular basis for the past few years while we were in the process of finishing an attached garage and building a detached workshop/garage. This isn't the first time someone has suggested a separate forum for garage door opener issues and I'm sure it won't be the last. I agree this forum isn't as sexy as the kitchen forum but then I'm probably the only idiot here whose workshop cabinets are nicer than their kitchen cabinets.

That said there's really no call to get nasty. It's certainly not the fault of the people posting door opener issues that there isn't a separate forum. If you want people to search the forums before posting then respond to their posts with search tips. If you want to see more varied content on this forum then initiate those discussions yourself for gosh sakes. People will read and contribute to things that interest them.

Laura (posting my finished workshop/garage photos very soon)

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I have a better idea, I'll just leave permanently. I don't have a garage anyway, I have a barn. Incidentally K MY A wasn't meant to be nasty. Up here its considered the same as son of a gun, gosh darn or something like that. Being accused of being out of line just for making a comment is no forum I care to partake in anyway. May you all wake up to perfectly working garage door openers.

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