grand-daughter don't want to leave us

mary_s63February 26, 2002

Please share your experiences or suggestions with me.

My grand-daughter will be three in March. She often comes to visit and stay with us. She will spend the night to go to church with us on Saturday nights. The problem comes with her wanting to stay here "forever and ever". She don't want to go home. I find she refuses to get ready to go somewhere when she knows she will be going home afterwards.

Her Mom works full time, and goes to college and her Dad is a full time farmer. This grand-daughter and her baby sister who is 6 months old go to day care thru the week, they are with a sitter the nights their Mom has colege classes. Grandpa is still working but home evenings, Fridays and the weekends. Grandma is at home all days. I know the amount of attention given her is different than at home. She loves coming over to visit or spend a night. We do keep the baby sister over night alot too. Anyone had a similar experience?

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I've not had the same experience exactly but whenever I take my 6 year old and my 3 year old to my mother in laws, she babysits for them when I go to school one night a week for a couple of hours, anyway, when it is time to come home my 6 year old absolutely throws the biggest fit imaginable. I do believe that at grandma's house they have her undivided attention all the time, they watch movies with her, color, and pretty much everything else a child would do with their grandma. I am a SAHM, with my kids 24 hours a day except the oldest when he is at school. I think that it is perfectly normal for your grand daughter to act this way, I remember doing the same thing when I was little.
I don't know what you can do to make things easier on her and you when its time to go home though. I haven't figured that part out myself yet. Hopefully someone will have some ideas for you!

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Hi Mary. I often have my three granddaughters, ages 3, 5 and 6 stay with me, not always all at the same time, however!! They "take turns". And yes, they never want to leave. I do two things: first, make arrangements for the next visit, ie., when that will be and what we will do, and secondly, let them pick out a toy or a book to take with them. That way it doesn`t feel quite so much like leaving. I am 74 so it`s a great relief when after a week or so they do leave, but then I can hardly wait to get them back again!

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I tell mine if you don't go then you can't come again... and they seem to understand.

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In our house, the relationship between my grandson (2 1/2) and myself is a standard joke. Before he was born, whenever my daughter would mention the baby was moving, he would stop whenever I tried to feel him. So, I began to say he didn't like me! Anyway, as it turned out, right after he was born and we were all in the room taking turns holding him, he smiled at me when I held him. And, he's been "Nana's boy" ever since. He hates to go home when he comes here or when I'm at his house he doesn't want me to leave. If we travel together in the car, I have to sit next to him. Anywhere we go, he has to sit next to me. He is the joy of my life! He's going to have a sister any time now but Grampy has already said that Nana has to keep her hands off!!! :-)

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