Strange Sears 1/2HP Remote Behavior

flathatNovember 16, 2006

The hard-wired wall switch works fine: up, down, stop part way, whatever I want, as many times in rapid succession as I want. The motor and mechanism sound normal. However, both the wireless handheld remote and the wireless outside keypad are doing something strange.

I can operate the opener with either the remote or the keypad, but then it (either device) becomes ineffective. However, if I wait about five minutes (I've actually timed it) then the remote works again... but only once until I wait another five minutes.

I've checked this many times over the past 24 hours, and it is absolutely repeatable. What the heck is going on here, and what's the cure?

The system is about circa 1997

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I think you have a receiver problem which is a part of your logic board. Due to the price of the board I would put up with this nuisance.

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One additional piece of information: although the hard-wired pushbutton works normally, without the need to hold the button in, immediately after using the hard-wired button, neither of the wireless device works. The waiting period is 4.5 seconds.

Can you ballpark the cost of a new logic board?

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The logic board runs around $80.00.

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In my last post, I meant to say 4.5 MINUTES, not seconds.

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Dons right, anytime a wall button works fine and all wireless devices work intermittently ( no matter what the time frame ) it points to a logic board unless you have an external reciever mounted on the opener or plugged in somewhere else, this could be going out also.

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