Removing hardwood with cabinet and baseboard in

zzttMay 27, 2012

My contractor mistakenly placed new red oak (kitchen, stairs, hallway, and one bedroom) next to my existing white oak flooring (dining, living and two bedrooms). He kept telling me the difference might not be very noticeable after staining. Moreover, old and new hardwood will look different even they are white oak anyway.

I am thinking to remove the newly installed red oak floor, but the new kitchen and two other build-in cabinets are installed on top of the red oak floor already - not to mention the baseboard.

One flooring contractor said he can push new white oak in the cabinet/baseboard without any damage, while another two said I need 1/4 round to cover the gap (which I do not like).

Do you think it is worth to remove the the red oak flooring? Is that possible to replace the red oak without damaging the existing cabinets and baseboard? Or I should try to stain the floor instead? Please help!

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Have it removed!

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If your flooring guy said he can do it i say do it. Its possible to remove and install with cabinets in place. Takes more finese but it can be done. And if you dont like quarter round make sure they are aware of your wishes.

Trying to stain the two different woods is just a headache.

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Professional flooring installers will know what a toe kick saw is (flush cut saw) and will have one in their arsenals of tools. It is used to cut flooring flush with vertical surfaces.

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