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beckygoldFebruary 24, 2007

I'm trying to remember the name of a children's book I read when I was a kid. I cannot remember the name of the main character (and would also like to know that). The book is about some mice that live in a cafe of some sort. One mouse likes another (I think her name is Isabel or Isabella?) and he wants to ask her out for valentine's day but is too shy. He writes her lots of love letters and ends up crumpling them up and throwing them away. His best friend I think is named Theodore. In the end he trips on something and gives her a candy heart and they fall in love. The last page of the book has their tails making a heart. Please let me know if anyone knows the name of this book or the name of the main character in it. Greatly appreciated.

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I dont recall that book but would love to find the book " willie bear goes to school"
I am a new Grandma and am starting to buy books for my 3 week old Grand Daughter named Bella Kay :) .
I sure hope you can find the book !

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I found a book I dearly loved as a child by checking with book sellers on E-Bay.
I looked for a couple of years and finally, almost by accident, came across someone with a copy. Some of the sellers will actively search for a specific book for you. Give it a try. It can't hurt and you might come across some others you love as well.

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