Craftsman Garage Door Opener

doodlemikeNovember 4, 2006

I have a 2-1/2 HP Craftsman garage door opener with door sensors. The door opener used to work fine when I first installed it. Several weeks ago, I bumped one of the sensors with a board and the door opener hasn't worked properly since using either the remotes or the button inside the garage.

The problem is that when I attempt to close the door with the remote or the inside button, the opener bumps ever so slightly and the opener light flashes a few times. The door will close using the inside button by pressing and holding it down until the door closes. The door will open with the remotes and by pressing and releasing the inside button.

I can't recall whether the light on each sensor should burn bright and can't tell if they are burning at all. Surely, I should be able to see the sensor light.

Any thoughts on how to get the door opener to close using the remote and the inside button without having to hold the button down to close the door.

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Depending on how old the opener is you should have a green light on one of the sensors that is on all the time. If you have a newer opener, this light will be orange. If you bumped the eye, then it is just out of alignment. Look to see if there is light flickering or fluttering or not on at all. To realign it simply loosen the screw attaching it to the bracket and move it until it is a solid green then retighten it. Sometimes the flickering or fluttering is so faint that you have to get on your hands and knees and look at the light.

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If the lights aren't on at all check for loose wires on the back of each photo eye. If you have the older style photoeyes ( rectangular in shape, two green lights and a bolt going all the way through them) they are natorious for having bad connections at the back. Otherwise make sure all the wires are connected at the opener head. One of the lights should be on all the time as long as the wiring is ok and the opner has power.

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Doorguy, thanks for the response. I meant a half, not two-and-a-half HP opener and it is the newer type with orange lights on the sensors. Right after I bumped the sensor, I have tried aligning and realigning the sensors several times. I'm not sure if the orange light is on or not on the sensor. If it is, it is extremely faint. About the wiring on the back of the opener, I have tinkered with it a time or two. I have misplaced my manual and don't have a wiring diagram. Any thoughts on the wiring arrangement on the back of the opener.

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When you say you "tinkered" with the wiring on the back of the opener did you do this after you bumped one of the sensors? Does "tinkered" mean you moved any wires around?

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Yes, It is real simple. Either you have three screws on the back of the opener or you have four plugins. Either way they are color coded. You should have two wires with a black tracer and a solid white wire. These are your photo eye wires. Then you should have a wire with a red tracer and a solid white wire, this will be your wall button. Hook the black wires up to black all the white wires up to white and red up to red.

If your orange light is not on, then it is not getting power or it is bad. I would bet you got a loose connection somewhere though. Once you get the orange light back on fiddle with the sensors until the other one glows a solid green.

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I have a 1/2HP craftsman garage door opener and it works fine the last six years. Recently, it developed unusual problem. Some time work fine but for the most of the time when I try to close it will go down a foot or two and it goes back up. I made sure the inferred eyes are aligned (and it was working perfectly. The light is not blinking at all either. Does anyone have a suggestion on what I can try?

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On the back of the motor unit you will find a control called the "down/close force". Adjust this just enough to get the door to close.

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someone please help, previous owners did not leave the manual and we can only shut the door if we hold the button down until the door reached the ground. we would like to be able to push the button once and have the door close on its own. any ideas on how to fix would be much appreciated. thanx

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The sensors in the garage door are probably out of alignment. Make sure they are pointed at one another. Each of them has a small light that should be on when properly aligned.

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I also have a 1/2 horse Craftsman opener and and not able to get the light to go out...Any advice?

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My wireless control unit will not function. I have tried to reset the code but when I press and hold the enter buton after pressing the learn button the lights do not blink to tell me the code has been learned.
The learn button blinks five times and pauses for about ten seconds and continues all the time. When I press the learn button to set the code it stays on for the 30 seconds it is supposed to but then goes back to the blinking and pause described above.

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christopher lee,

Do you have a motion detector to trigger the light on your wall button? It will look like a hump sticking out right in the middle and have a clear to glassy looking center on the wall button itself. FYI after you operate the door the light should go out in 4 minutes. Check the door both in the up and down position and let us know.


After you press the learn button you have 30 seconds to enter your code. Press four numbers kind of hard and then hit enter within 30 seconds and it should take care of it. If not check the battery or you may have a bad keyless.

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I read so many messages here. It's very helpful! Thanks! My problem is, the remote control won't work when the weather is cold. I aligned the sensors. One has steady green light, the other which I believe is the receive sensor (when I block it, the light is off) has very dim green light. Although the opener works, but not all the time. Does that mean it's still not alighted well, or the sensor should be replaced since the light is dim? Your input is very appreciated!

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Try tweaking the alignment a bit to see if the light will brighten. Normally when they are bad the light is out completely.

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I dropped something on the sensor on the left side it has white wires and a red one the one white wire is connected to the side does the red also have to be connected to the side

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Both wires must be connected.

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I just fixed my Craftsman Garage Opener. The gear was broken so I replaced it.
However, after installing it back, it doesnt work.
When I press the main remote, the motor turns the chain for about 2 seconds back and forth but it doesnt pull the door up.
I dont know if the wiring is wrong.
There are 2 slots for white, 1 for Red and 1 for Black.
I hooked up all the whites in the 2 whites slots and also the others to corresponding colours.
I cannot remember the correct hookup. I dont know if this is the problem or anything else.
Thanks for any help.


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Need help my opener works in the morning but when the sun shines bright into the garage it will start to close then pop back up

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The sun is shining on your door sensor. The easiest way to prevent this is to move them back into the shadows. If this isn't feasible you can make a shield from the cardboard tube in a roll of toilet tissue and place over the lens.

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