How to quiet garage door more?

californiaplayaNovember 16, 2006

I live in a condo with my garage right below my bedroom. When I bought it, the old Genie screwdrive opener made a lot of noise and I could feel the vibration through the floor above. Also, it squeeked a lot as if it hadn't been lubricated in a long time.

I have since replaced the opened with a Craftsman belt drive,replaced the rollers with nylon 13 ball bearing rollers, installed the Genie G89LM Vibration Isolation Kit and lubricated it well.

All these things have helped and it is much quieter now. But I can still hear it a bit. The two things i can hear is the motor or belt squeeking a bit when it turns. And also the door panels kind of banging around when the door either first starts to open or is almost completely closed. Any idea if either of these can be quieted down some more?

This is a 22-year-old 8' aluminum door.


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I am not sure what the genie vibration kit is, but as long as the opener is mounted with decent gauge angle is should not vibrate. Check the balance of the door by disengaging the opener and operating it manually. Raise the door half way up and it should stay there and not go one way or the other. Check and see if is heavy right off the floor ( first six inches to a foot) If you raise it up six inches to a foot and it slams to the ground, this is your banging problem and the springs need adjusted. When the opener first starts to lift the door check and see if it is sticking. Sometimes the bottom rubber seal will actually stick to the ground.

Last you are going to hear a little motor hum, that is normal. You belt shouldn't be squeeking, it should make more of a chirping noise. If you want to quiet it down some more get on a ladder, on top of the opener you should see a black cap, take it off and apply some low temp grease to the sprocket and run it and do it again.

Keep all the hinges and springs well lubricated.

Garage doors are going to make some noise, that is just their nature, insulated doors will be quieter than none insulated.

If your condo is 22 years old you probably have just one layer of sheet rock or dry wall on the garage ceiling, homes built today have two layers with living space above the garage to keep things quiet, so you have to take into account the way the condo was built also.

Hope this helps

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