staining vinyl floor to color it

cassieinlaMay 20, 2008

Hi there,

I know you can paint vinyl flooring, but I was wondering if anyone knows about staining it. I have an ugly floor that is porous and would probably absorb stain of some kind. I just don't want it to rub off or spread to the carpet. I was kinda thinking of using shoe polish/dye and then polishing the floor to seal it.

I don't even need a solid, uniform color. In fact, I was hoping to create a faux stone/slate finish with black, brown and greyish tones. Also, if this wears off unevenly, then it might be disguised with the pattern.

I know vinyl gets accidentally stained easily with certain things, so I hope to use that in a positive/desirable way! Can anyone suggest what has stained their vinyl floor permanently? (and would be suitable for staining a whole floor-- e.g., a permanent pen would not be very good for this project, despite probably being a good permanent stain!)

Any input appreciated! TIA :)

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I know that hair dye will permanently stain vinyl. Maybe experiment with that?

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Ah! Yes-- I've read that hair dye is hard to remove-- but I was worried about rub off. I recall reading that ammonia based cleaners are bad for vinyl since they compromise the surface of the vinyl-- so that might be a magical combo, as hair dye uses ammonia to damage the hair enough to absorb the color... maybe that will prove to be a good penetrating stain for vinyl too. And hopefully have minimal rub-off...

Thank you for the suggestion! It helped pull the separate bits of info together in my head! :)

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