Need help organizing the garage

measure_twiceNovember 7, 2010

Currently I have 6 shelf units each 2 1/2 ft wide by 6 ft tall, and my garage is still a mess. I maintain my home so I have many power and hand tools, fasteners, and safety gear. Thank heavens I have a tall toolcart for the hand tools. I am sorting and throwing out stuff, but how do you store these items?



car stands and car jack

long handle garden tools and hand tools

wet tile saw (2ft x 3ft x 18 inches high)

3 bicycles

4 wheel bicycle pedal cart for disabled adult

masonry and wallboard tools

electric leaf blower

many plywood pieces larger than 2x3 ft (smaller pieces get tossed)

It is not financially possible to purchase enough of those storage cabinets with the cute aluminum fronts.

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All of the tools should be kept in at least a semi-conditioned place (the basement w/ heat and dryness.
The bicycles and wood can take the cold.
My wood does OK(not great) on the overhead joists of the carport, but the plywood is in the shed, overhead areas..
Cabinets take up space and can hide things. I like the shelves, made up using 1 by 2s up to 1 by 4s.
Wood is still fairly inexpensive.
Good luck

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