Has Anyone Decorated / Painted Their Metal Carport? PICS

eldemilaNovember 27, 2009

Purchasing this home (if all inspections go okay, that is)with a 27 foot long metal / aluminum carport.

Was wondering what I could do to make it less unsightly. Wondered if anyone has ever painted their carport to match their home, or decorated it somehow, and with what. Only thing I could come up with is maybe hang some planters in the middle of the openings. Paint it the same color as the shed? Same color as the deck (which will probably be painted white, same as the trim on the house)

Anyone with ideas, possible pictures or websites??

Also, wondering if there's a way to put an overhang from carport to steps up to home since it's not on the same level should it be raining. Of course, the cheap way to go are umbrellas - just wondering : )


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Sorry, I don't have any pictures - or a carport for that matter. But I think you are on the right track as the best way to make something disappear is to paint it the same color as its surroundings. Baring any reconstruction, painting both the deck and the carport white sound like the best solution to me. I like your idea about the hanging planters too. However, I think adding an overhang would just add to the piecemeal mismatched appearance. I would probably make do (with an umbrella) until I was in a position to build a proper breezeway/garage sometime down the road. Meanwhile, I think you already have some great ideas for sprucing it up a bit. Congrats on your new home!

P.S. Before painting the carport I'd check with the knowledgeable folks on the painting forum to get recommendations for products that will adhere to the metal and prevent peeling.

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Appreciate the reply.

I think, if we get the house, it will definitely go white, which would match the white we'll paint the deck along with the facia. I think it will blend in well. Surprised others haven't done soemthing like this.

Not sure how you'd build a garage when the house is so much higher than the driveway - at least one that would be attached - I'd like to be able to find a way to have a overhang on those nasty days.

Thanks again!

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