Announcing pregnancy - ideas???

rubri510January 1, 2003

Just looking for any creative ways to tell my parents and sisters that my wife and I are expecting. This will be the first grandchild. Any ideas? Thanks!

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what about "grandma" and "grandpa" type t-shirts? or caps,picture frames? something along the lines of" oh,by the way-DW(insert her name) and i were shopping and picked this up for you. you'll need it pretty soon!" i'm sure i've seen "i'm the auntie"stuff around also-can't remember where off the top of my head. oh-CONGRATULATIONS!!! maggie

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Congratulations! If it's not too late, I found a link for you with some cute ideas.

Here is a link that might be useful: Announcing Your Pregnancy

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A great way a friend of mine announced her pregnancy was to show up at a family gathering (in this case it was Thanksgiving) and when she took off her coat, she had a special sweatshirt on. It took a minute of staring, whispering and sputtering, but after a minute everybody was excited and the grandma-to-be said "Are you telling me we're gonna have a GRANDBABY??!!??"
In this case the sweatshirt in question was one of those with a picture of a baby in the womb with a cute saying, but there are many t-shirts/sweatshirts out there. "World's best Dad (or Mom) would be more subtle, "Baby on Board would be more blatant, the baby in the womb ones are really cute.... It's all up to you, but I thought it was great when she told me how she did it!!

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