Please help!!!!!! Missing grandparents

lauraleesidunJanuary 31, 2007

I need some advice...

I have a son that is 3 years old. When I was pregnant he took off & left me. So I went through the pregnancy alone. Soon after I had my son, I met my current husband, & shorty after that we got married. Now 3 years later I had found my sons father on the internet. When writting to him I found out that he never told his parents that they have a grandchild. This really upsets me. Now I am trying to convince him to tell them. they are in their 60's & I am afraid they will never get to know their grandchild. I do not know where they live or their first names. They lived in a different state & I never saw them & this guy never talked about them. But he is close to them.Not that close I guess!

So is it wrong to want to find them & tell them. Wouldnt they want to know of their only grandchild? Should I mind my own business? What should I tell this guy to convince him to tell them? he is worried they will be mad at him for not telling them. He says he just never knew how to tell them.

Please help, I am so confused on what to do....

Sincerely, Laura

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I would leave well enough alone. He has not been a responsible father. Who knows what his parents are like. I think I would concentrate on my husband and child and count my blessings that someone as irresponsible as your ex boyfriend is out of my life.

What do you hope to accomplish with these people in your life? Do you want to visit them out of state? Do you want them visiting you? Are you prepared to get involved in grandparents' rights fights?

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I agree, mind your own business. You may end up with serious, unmanageable problems. What if they insist their son file for custody, or they try to get visitation enforced by court order. Are you going to attempt to get child support? I think you should just keep this "other family" out of your life.

It seems life is good, for your, your son and your husband. Don't mess it up now.

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I disagree, if I where those grandparents I'd certainly want to know and to get to know my grandchild.I would try to find them without pre-judging them and if their not interested well nothing is lost. A child can never have to many people to love them

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