What gift did you give?

Brooklyn_GirlJanuary 17, 2002

I am just wondering what gift you gave to your new Grandbaby that was very much appreciated? In other words, what was a WOWIE gift?

It might have been home made i.e. like a photo album, blankie, baby sitting or it might have been something store bought that was very much appreciated.

I can assume you know why I am asking


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Okay-- so I'm not a grandparent-- but I do have a 10 month old, so...

Here's my 2 cents: if you are a grandparent or other significant person, it is really nice to have something that will last. My mom gave me a dozen roses in a crystal vase when I was in the hospital-- I plan to give the vase to DS' wife when they have their first baby. She also made dinners for a week and brought them over every day. That was SOO helpful-- we were in the middle of remodeling our kitchen and master bath (VERY bad timing, but that's another story!) and I had just had an emergency c-section, so they were much appreciated. I would only recommend this if you are fairly close to your kids and they won't feel the need to try to clean house-- otherwise-- it is maybe not the best time for a new family to be feeling like they need to "entertain"... My mom was great about the dinners in that she came-- saw the baby for a few minutes and then left. We are close enough that I didn't fret about the horrible condition of our house (most of it really was a construction site) and I wasn't embarrassed about breastfeeding in front of her. My mom also offered to purchase any piece of equipment we might need (I found a great deal on an infant car seat on e-bay and she paid for it).

My MIL crocheted a beautiful blue afghan. It was very sweet and as it was handmade by her it is extra-special. If you have any particular hobbies-- that might be a place to start. If you paint-- you might offer to paint a picture or a mural in the baby's room. If you garden-- you might offer to purchase a tree or rosebush-- or to plant bulbs or perrennials that will bloom every year around the baby's b-day. If you collect coins-- you could purchase a mint set or commemorative for the baby's birth year. The hobby-linked idea is kind of a nice one in that it is a little about YOU and possibly about a part of you that you want to share with the child-- a hobby you might one day be able to share.

If you have some real money-- what about a decent-grade digital camera and either an engraved picture frame or a photo album? We bought a digital-- it was kind of pricey-- but definitely worth the investment as we have saved a ton on film and developing costs. This would also be a good idea if your kids are online and you live some distance apart-- it would definitely facilitate pictures coming your way more regularly!

When my SIL was pregnant, her brothers all got together and bought her a glider and ottoman for the nursery.

Starting a college fund is another idea.

Of course-- you could just ask them if they have any ideas!



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I am not a grandmother, but a mother of a toddler and I totally agree with the above post.

Quite possibly the best gifts are the ones from the heart, not necessarily the needed gifts (that every baby has to have). I really enjoyed getting the baby book and a baby box to put in all my son's special moments/momentos. But, I enjoy scrapbooking, so it was a great gift for us.

If you know your family could use help getting ALL those baby supplies, then usually something bigger helps out. My MIL bought our son a pack n play play pen which was a wonderful thing, since it was easy to carry around and he loved playing in it. And it was good for trips, too.

Personally, I like the tree or rosebush idea. My mom was giving a beautiful dark pink rose when I was born and it lasted a good while in our front yard.

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My step daughter had a baby in November and I just asked her what was something special she would like to have for the baby. There was a really fancy baby swing she wanted but it was more that they could spend at the time so that was what her dad and I got them.

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The best thing my mother and MIL gave us was coming to stay and doing the house stuff for me. My mother came for a week and then my MIL came for a week. They did laundry, cooked, played with my older kids (with #'s 2 and3) as well as helping with the baby. That was the most appreciated gift I got when my babies were new. My husband and I both have good relationships with all the parents/inlaws.

My parents gave us a really nice Peg Perego stroller and my in-laws gave money (for deposit to college accounts) for the first baby. Both were really appreciated. Both gave money for babies #2 and #3. We didn't need more baby junk.


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When my daughter was expecting her fist baby, my husband has recently retired from Procter and Gamble. So we esentially built a "Pamers Pyramid" as we called it. WE bought all P and G products, mainly Pampers in all sizes, Laundry detergents, Dreft, ivory soap, bibsters, tissues, fabric softener, added some rattles and a few toys and stacked them all up, shrink wrapped it so it wouldn't fall over. My daughter said it was the best gift because it was all things needed immediately after the baby was born and the quantity of diapers lasted several months. We also started an equities account for the baby and bought child-related stocks such as Disney, Gap, McDonalds. We plan to add to this each birthday. My husband also refinished the cradle we used for our babies and loaned it to my daughter. This will be passed on to each new baby in the family. I too am a gardener so I planted a cherry blossom tree for my new granddaughter since she was born in May when all the cherry trees were blooming. For the baby shower, I had flower arrangements may in the baby containers which were given to me when my daughter was born, I passed them on to her. Can you tell this is our first grandchild?!!!

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Well, I have 7 grand children. For my daughter's children I went and stayed a week or 10 days, cooked, cleaned, did laundry, took older kids to school etc.
And for my son's children I also spent a week.....not the first, but later.....and with the twins, I went a couple of times!
For both families, I made bassinett liners to match the decor of the nursery.
I think the best thing is to give what's needed.....be it help, a swing, or just a lot of moral support.
Linda C

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My mother was such a pain that the last thing in the world we wanted from her was help. In fact, after three days of her "help" I told her to leave and my husband took off from work. So "help" depends on how well you get along together.

I like the digital camara idea. It is something that I would not have thought of.

If they are going to use cloth diapers, a months diaper service would be great!

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