Craftsman 1/2hp garage only accepting 1 remote

seeds76November 2, 2006

I can't seem to get the gargage opener to accept more than 1 remote control. I have 2 remotes and one of them stopped working. I replaced the battery and still no good. The other one works just fine.

I can reprogram the remotes but it works on only one at a time. After programming the 1st remote successfully, adding another remote will not work. I made sure it isn't just one remote that's bad as I can erase the programming on the receiver and reprogram on the remote that wasn't working previously.

Anyone know why it doesn't allow me to add a second remote to program?

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One of your remotes has reverted to an earlier technology. Sorry for what sounds like doubletalk but that is how the manufacturer explains it. You are stuck purchasing a new remote. Make sure it is the same model as what you have. When you get it programmed you will find that one of your existing remotes will work with it and the other will give you the same symptom you now have. Do yourself a favor and trash the problem child. It could give you more problems further down the road if you don't.

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