Genie Excelerator opening problem.. Help Plz!!

crabjoeNovember 6, 2011

I've got a Genie Excelerator, now 7 years old. Last winter, it started having problems opening.

When I say problems, it would start to open then stop abruptly. You could get the door to open all the way, but you had to keep letting the door down an inch, then open again. If there was an open and close button, you wouldn't need to close it a few inches to open it again, you'd just have top hit open to get it to go up. This would happen in a few spots. When the door was open about a foot, then again when it was open about 5 feet.

Once spring came along ... weather go warmer, the problem went away.. I was hoping it had fixed itself.

Well, now that the weather is getting cold again, it's started again. It was doing it in 3 place. When the door is a foot off the ground, 3 feet off the ground and 5 feet. The reason I said was doing it in 3 places is because I now have it doing it in 4 places.

It added another spot after I replaced the carriage. When I took the old carriage off, it wasn't in to bad of condition, the grooves in the carriage were only a bit worn. But being it was a bit worn, and the problem I kept having, I replaced it. And not the problem is worse.

I do know that when the garage door opens slow (1/2 speed), it opens without issue. And if I knew how to get it to open at half speed, I'd just leave it that way. Since I have no idea on how to set the open speed, it looks like I'll have to just fix it.

The screw drive itself looks fine. The only issue I see is that when it stops abruptly, the screw drive, lets call it the track, flexes like made.

So the question is, with the carriage replaced, and making the problem worse, how does one fix this or does anyone know how I can set it to open at 1/2 speed?


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Be sure Door is in good repair, properly lubricated and balanced

Check "OPEN FORCE" Adjustment

Make sure the door rails haven't been greased. This gets thick in the winter and can cause this problem. Rails do not need grease ever.

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Thanks Don... After I made the post, I was doing more reading and found out there was a Force adjustment I can adjust. I decided to give it a try, but never got the chance.

The next day, the I went to test the door again, before making the Force adjustment. Well, it's been working ever since... I hope it keeps working, but I'm thinking it's working because the temp had warmed up... It hasn't been getting below 50F, even at night.

Keep your fingers crossed for me that it keeps working, but if it doesn't, I'm hoping a 1/4 turn on the "Open Force" adjustment will do the trick. That seems to have fixed the problem with others that had similar problems when it was related to cold weather.

Thanks again for your suggestions!!

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