Craftsman 1/2 hp GDO not working at all

boblemOctober 26, 2007


I have a 5 to 6 year old 1/2 hp Craftsman unit which is not working at all. The door closed fine, and then the next time I tried opening it, nothing happened.

When I push either the wall button or the wireless remotes, I hear two clicks from the unit, but nothing even tries to operate. Power is active and I tried unplugging, waiting and plugging in again. The light bulb (60 watt bulb - I tested it and it's good) does not come on - even when I walk through the sensors. Sensors are not blocked or bent. I unhooked the door from the trolley, and the door lifts evenly and smoothly - no obstructions. But now I can't reconnect the door to the trolley on the track. It seems that when it closed, the trolley traveled about 1 inch beyond where the door wants to reconnect to it. Is the motor jammed in the down position? I'm not familiar with these things and would appreciate any advice. Many thanks.


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Sounds like the motor is jammed. You are going to have to remove the chain so the motor can reverse and then reinstall.

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Thanks for the tip. Sorry for the delay - the unit is at a 2nd home and I'm not there all the time. I removed the chain and have the same problem. The motor doesn't work at all - I still get two "clicks" when I try to operate the GDO. The LED on the back of the unit flashes 5 times, pauses, then flashes 5 times. I understand this may mean the motor is bad? Should I just bite the bullet and replace the GDO? Thanks for your help.

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A new unit is in order. The last time I checked a replacement motor was $98.00.

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