Hardwood Floor Installation In A Highrise Apartment

jddarMay 2, 2011

I have an apartment on the tenth floor in a highrise building with concrete slab floors. Currently, the floors are covered with carpeting. I think wall to wall carpet is unhealthy, impossible to really keep clean, harbors dust mites, and is just disgusting.

I have my heart set on finished in place, 3/4-inch, rift sawn, white oak floors. I do not like nor desire prefinished, engineered, or laminate flooring.

Obviously, there is no chance of moisture wicking up from below as found in typical house basements or ones built on concrete slabs. Does this negate moisture issues typical of wood flooring installed in those situations? I have seen many finished in place wood floors over concrete in older apartments similar to mine. I would like to educate myself on the best installation methods. Could someone please give me advice or direct me to where I could learn how to accomplish this type of installation?

Thank you so very much.

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lowering the sound transmission to the apartment below is your main focus.
"soundproofing acoustic membrane"
e.g. http://www.finitec-inc.com/EN/woodInstallation.htm

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There are several techniques used for installing solid wood flooring over concrete. You would still want to use a vapor barrier on top of the concrete. Direct glue down, floating plywood subfloor, and fastened plywood sub floor are three of the most common installation methods over concrete. The National Wood Flooring Association Installation Guidelines cover these methods. I do not remember for certain if this is discussed in detail but Charles Peterson's book Wood Flooring: A Complete Guide to Layout, Installation & Finishing is a good general reference. Sound transmission to the space below is certainly a consideration

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