Custom Wood Garage Doors

linda_1010October 18, 2007

Does anyone know or have experience with wood garage door? I am thinking about installing a pair of real wood garage doors but I have heard about maintenance issues related to wood doors. I'm thinking about composite doors that have wood grain patterns. However the ones I looked...Clopay and Amarr do not look like real wood. has an interesting product but I am not sure about it. Anyone know about Fatezzi? Looks like faux wood. Not sure what it is made of. What are the pros and cons of wood garage doors? Any particular pointers to look for in selecting a real wood garage door company would be helpful.

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I'll probably get pummeled by the garage door experts for writing this, but I love my wood garage door. It's from Overhead Door's Ranch House collection (Series 147) in cedar and it's gorgeous. I agree with you about not matching the look of real wood. Granted, I've only had it for a year now but I love how it looks. I've stained it twice so far and expect to do so every year. We're DIYers though, so it's no big deal to us.

I hope I don't regret my decision down the road. I'd be interested to read what some long term owners have to say. Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: Overhead Door Ranch House Collection

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I love the look of real wooden door too! There no better curb appeal than a wood door if your garage door faces the street. You'll always find people who will talk you out of owning a wood garage door. As long as you maintain the wood door properly, you'll have years of enjoyment. However, not all real wood garage doors are made the same. Some are poorly made...especially doors built with thin wood panels attached to a steel door.

A new trend is faux wood garage doors. The composite faux material is molded from real wood to look like real wood. I saw these faux wood doors at the International Builders Show recently. They are gorgeous and they do really look like the real thing. Only a few companies manufacture these doors. Linda mentioned Fatezzi. Two other companies are Clopay ( with their Canyon Ridge line and Ranch House Doors Elements Collection (

Steel doors with wood grain patterns are also getting better. In the past, these doors do not look realistic. However, the steel wood grain doors still cannot match the look of real or faux wood garage doors.

Real and faux doors are not cheap. If cost is a concern, check out faux painting as well. A good faux paint job can do wonders to an otherwise boring white steel garage door. Tip: DIY faux painting tutorial at Search for "How To Paint that Garage Door to Look Like Wood"

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