Craftsman Garage Door Opener Problem

big_hatOctober 8, 2006

I bought a house with a Craftsman GDO that had stripped nylon gears. I corrected that, but now it does not work properly. I adjusted the up and down force and the up and down travel distance, but when I push the button to open, the chain will travel only about 5 inches and stop. If I push the button again, it travels a few inches and stops again, always pulling the door up. It never reverses. With the cover off of the chassis, I can see that the gears are turning properly. It ignores the "up" travel sensor and tries to keep lifting the door. Anybody got any suggestions? Thank you.

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Make sure you have not accidentally knocked a wire off the up limit switch assembly. If it is ignoring the up limit sensor and the contacts are actually touching and all the wires are connected then I think you have a bad logic board. At this point I would call a technician for help.

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nothing works except the light blinks 5 times. neither the remote nor the wall button work

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mike sher is your door stuck in the up position? If so the trolley is probably jammed against a bolt just in front of the motor unit. Remove the bolt, close the door and adjust the 'up limit' on the side of the motor unit about 3 turns in the opposite direction of the arrow printed on the cover. Be sure to replace the bolt.

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Hello. From Sweden I have a problem with my Craftsman model 139.53637SRT 1/2 hp. The receiving safety sensor ligths is lightened when the power puts on, then in some seconds the light fade away, sometimes irregurarly blinking. When I push the control button (wall or remote) the door opener move just some inches (down or up), sometimes all the way. When the receiving safety sensor light turns off completely I have to remove the main power and when I turn the power on the light goes on, again for 5-10 seconds and then fade away. Also the light bulb is always on and doesn´t turn off unless I turn off the power. What to do?

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When the light goes out tweak the sensor to see if the light will come back on. Also check the wiring going to that sensor to make sure it is not being shorted out by a metal staple. The light staying on sounds like a stuck relay. Have you had lightning? It cause strange symptoms.

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Tweak the sensor doesn´t make the light come back. The ligth comes back only if I pull out the main power contact and then puts on the power again - then it lights for 10 seconds and fade slowly away during about 10 seconds. The wiring are OK, have changed place between the sending and receiving sensor and the sending sensor lights all the time and from both wires. Lightning I don´t think so, at least not in the past month. Had these problems for a couple of months, then suddenly a month ago it functioned OK for about one week and since then these problems with both the receiving sensor and the ligth bulb. Have also checked the ground contacts and it seems OK.

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Sure sounds like a bad logic board to me. The main light just doesn't have any relationship to the sensors except it will flash 10 times when the sensors are interrupted as the door is closing. How did you get a craftsman opener in Sweden? Isn't the line voltage different over there? Just curious. My wifes grandfather came over here from Lulio. She visited there a couple years ago to visit old relatives and fell in love with the place except for the graffiti.

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The door will travel only about 10 inches forward and inmediately returns to open position. Sensors are OK, as well as the RPMsensor assembly. Any clues???

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Try increasing the down force just a tad. Don't over do it as it affects the safety sensor. You may have a door problem and the door is reversing because of the safety sensor.

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Hello don. My brother was in USA a couple of times in 1995 and garage door openers was a lot cheapier than in Sweden so he bought two. The voltage is 220 in Sweden so an electrician helped us to convert to this voltage. My brother sold his house about 7 yeasr ago so I can´t just go there and try his logic board. Perhaps have to buy a new one in Sweden, nowadays about 300 dollars, in 1995 about 1500 dollars here in Sweden!

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I also had a similar problem with my Sears Craftsman garage door opener. While Sears said the part may be covered by warranty, it would cost $65 for them to get it done. I am considering filing a class action lawsuit against Sears. If you would like more information on joining the class, please email a summary of your experience with Sears and/or the garage door opener, along with your contact information: name, tele. no., e-mail address. Thanks, Mitchell Rait.

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