SEARS Garage Door Opener problem

dsmbuckyOctober 23, 2006

Well, another one! We have a 1/2 HP Garage door opener. It has worked fine for a while. Just started one day to not open the full way - then when it closes it automatically reverses. I know it sounds like it needs an adjustment on the up and down limits - but we have tried that and it doesn't seem to make any difference.

Today it seems to not go as far up as yesterday.

Any thoughts would be awesome!!


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Wish you had posted before you started adjusting but.... A weak or broken door spring or a worn drive gear will cause the problem you first had with your door. You should look at these first. The next thing to do is to turn the down limit in the opposite direction of the arrow printed on the motor cover until the door no longer hits the floor. Then you can tweak that control until the door closes but does not reverse when it hits the floor. Once at this point we can turn to the opening. On the rear of the opener near where all those white wires go you will find the 'up force'. Increase this control about 1/4 turn. Now you can adjust the up limit so the door opens but doesn't run into the motor unit.

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