One of Lifes blessings

icraftaJanuary 8, 2008

My grandson is one of the joys of my life. When I get him for a weekend visit the whole weekend is a positive experience. We play games, cook, go places, visit, share our thoughts on the weeks we have not seen each other, share Sunday church, and sometimes just do nothing special. The years have not been easy with much grief, family problems, and such to contend with.

My grand daughter I seldom see since she lives in another state. She is also soon to be 18 and definitely a young woman.

Thank God for these blessings he has sent me.

What do the rest of you do with or for your grandchildren?

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Icrafta, like you, my 'grandsugars" are one of the biggest sources of joy that I have! I have 2, both girls - Lori-3 and Kaitlyn-2. We like to snuggle under the covers and pretend we're hiding or wonder around in the house after it gets dark with little flashlights, just looking at stuff or trying to spook the cat (like that's going to happen)... I'm hoping it will keep them from being so afraid of the dark like I was when I was a kid... And when Lori was about one, we would share a can of those little weenies - I know, not very healthy! When she would take a bite, I'd break into what we still call (and do!) "The Weenie Dance" and sing in a raunchy voice "weenie weenie weenie"... Ridiculous I know, but when they're here, all personal dignity goes out the door and we just have a ball... Also my husband marches furiously around loudly singing the Auburn Team song, but instead of the words, he sings duh-duh-duhs while holding them (one at a time) and tilting them this way and that as though they were the baton that the band leader uses. They love it and he has to BEG his way out of it. When Lori was a baby, he had to take her outside (we were in church) because she kept crying to be marched around! She was yelling "DUH DUH DUH Tawtaw!!" And now that he's older - you know how teens can get - my 15 year old son thinks he's too grown up to have the girls kiss him on the face and now that's ALL they want to do! They chase him from room to room saying "Let me kiss your face!" Poor thing, it's just so hard being LOVED! Yes, God has been ridiculously good to us and I'm so thankful. Life is good. Thanks Icrafta, what a great post and I hope more will add to it. Nancy

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My only grandchild is 2 1/2 and she is the love of my life! I babysit her everyday while her parents work. It's a hoot! We also hide under blankets and pillows and she thinks I can't find her...just two feet from me. HA HA! We shop, we go to dance classes, we go to library programs, we go to the park, we have passes to the zoo, etc. We are busy everyday...sometimes just playing games or blocks and other times going out and about. In june,our second baby arrives and we can't wait!

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I am so so glad that I have a grandbaby!!Baby! She is 2 already. The sweetest little redhead that you have ever seen! We get to have her every week for several days and nights at a time. Usually Thursday thru Sunday! What a time we have. We sing and dance and color! We eat "whales"(like gold fish crackers)and they have to be in her lello(yellow)cup!
We watch her favorite little cartoon show "Charlie and Lola" it is so sweet! The minute she walks in the door she is asking for "Charlie and Lola"! Much like Nancy's husband, mine sings the Notre Dame fight song! It is also sung as a lullaby!She bosses Papa all weekend long!She takes his hand and walks him all through the house, over and over and round and round!
She is just such a wonderful joy! We didn't think that we would ever be grandparents! So we are really blessed to have her.

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Hello Everyone, Was so glad to know that the special bright spot in your lives are your grandchildren. When mine were little if enjoyed them very much. Now that they are 13 and 18 they are even more special. Of course I see them less due to all the school, work, and social lives that have developed. I find myself keeping track of things that I hear about that they would be interested in. We email and phone back and forth. Hurrah for the G's.

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