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nancyl_ontJanuary 7, 2003

I hesitate to post this but I am concerned and so invite your comments. I have an uncomfortable feeling that my GD age 6 is showing signs of a tendency towards lesbianism. Without being specific, she seems to have a rather excessive physical attraction to her sister aged 7. What does one do if anything could or should be done about this? I have mentioned it to the parents. No comment but obvious concern.

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Will you love her less if it is so?
There is nothing you can "do" about's just the way it is. Homosexuality can't be cured.
However, I have no idea of the behavior you may be seeing, but be aware that sexual actions of an inappropriate sort in a child of thata ge often is a sign that there is some sort of sexual abuse going on.'s not the lesbian tendency I would worry about....but rather why a 6 year old is engaging in any sort of sexual behavior.
Linda C

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You should be more concerned if you caught her eating her crayons!

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I'm an RN and also have two grandkids (girls, ages 5 & 10). Let me set your mind at ease. Children that age are very uninhibited and will get carried away imitating things on TV, etc. They will kiss and love on each other and if people seemed shocked or they get a fuss raised, then they just laugh and do it all the more. They behave better as they get older. You just need to explain appropriate behavior (sometimes frequently), in the mean time. When the 10 year old was about 5 yrs old, she went through a spell of trying to give any of us(parents, grandparents), a very sexy, dramatic kiss and it took an uncomfortably long time for us to get her to realize that it was inappropriate and unwanted. She would never do that now, but we were a little worried at the time, to be honest. Grandma did not like her granddaughter trying to give her that kind of kiss goodbye! Anyway, at that age, they are likely to experiment some, play doctor or kiss and imitate lovemaking from TV, But it's not abnormal and it stops as they get older, as they are taught appropriate ways of acting.

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