OSB or Plywood?

davestexasOctober 12, 2013

Had 8x10 barn-type storage building erected a few years ago. Its' floor is .75" plywood which I sealed with a HD sealer. Intend to add another building but this will be a gable-type for the tall side walls. This builder uses .75" OSB for flooring. Any OSB I've ever used eventually sagged and those uses were indoors. I want a flat floor now and into the future. Has OSB changed somehow where it will not sag?

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I'm in the middle of a major re-model of the house. At the beginning of the job I told the guys that nothing osb would be used on this job. I cannot say that plywood is better than osb. Plywood actually cost less than osb when we started this job.

Mine is just a personal prejudice. I always expect 5 raindrops to hit a piece of osb and that it will explode before my very eyes. I like plywood, given the choice.

Your experience has not been satisfactory. Just say no osb. It's your place.

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OSB is a good choice for walls if it is painted and kept clean. Not a good choice for flooring, that's why they make plywood decking. Even then make sure you don't skimp on the bracing.

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I've done a little research on OSB since asking the forum. The new 8x8 or 8x10 gable building will have treated 2x6s on 16" centers to make the floor. If the contractor uses 3/4" OSB3, I'll take the chance, since I plan to seal the floor anyway. OSB3 is recommended for flooring and is rated for humid conditions.
I built the 8x10 barn to store a 1000lb motorcycle and a 400lb tractor. This new building will have no heavy loads in it. It will just have to last longer than I do..... :)

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