Will I be happy with Extra Matte finish on hardwood?

brownnugenMay 9, 2013

I was originally thinking about having my contractor refinish my floors with either Bona Traffic HD extra matte or Bona Traffic HD satin. The floors will be done in a golden oak color. I did not want a glossy to finish because I heard they show scratches, dust, or just about any imperfections. I am leaning towards leaning towards extra matte.

I did a little bit of internet searching and found some people saying that a matte finish will not be as durable as a glossy finish? Is that true?

Does the finish (matte versus various levels of gloss) make a difference in ease to cleaning, keeping it clean or the texture of the floor?

Sorry for all the questions, I just want to make sure I am making the right choice.

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We just had our floors completely re-done in matte finish about two days ago. We had some of our red oak stripped and added more rooms with oak. The floor guy used Bona Pallmann Magic Oil, from Germany. It is mostly oil with about 7 percent wax and some kind of hardener additive. I did research about the product after my flooring guy suggested it as it isn't used much here in the mid-west and I had not heard of it. It is suppose to be just as or more durable as the more traditional finishes. The Good Old Opry used for all their floors. I think there was a gas/oil spill on the floors without any incident. We had some friends who sold a multi-million dollar home and the new owners used the same product on their 4,000 sq ft of hardwood floors ( many different species including one with leather inlaid.) Our finisher used it on upscale local restaurant. I read they use it on bar tops. Everyone I spoke to says it is very durable.

Our children are now grown, but if it is true that lighter matte floors show the least dirt and wear, this floor would be a dream for a family with children and pets. Yet I must comment that when we had our golden oak natural finish with glossy sheen floors installed over 15 yrs ago, we did have children and big dogs at home. Cleaning and maintenance of those floors were never an issue, I basically swept or vacuumed them and occasionally wiped up with cold water. Although it took many years, as mentioned. the natural golden oak finish did yellow and orange-d up a lot though.

These new floors are a very different look from those previous aged red oak stained golden oak orange-y glossy glow. I think this product offers six colors. We used the natural with some white. (It does not look pickling white at all.) The floors are very very very matte. Overall, I will describe them as velvety soft, light and airy. Natural. Warm looking. Very lovely.
And although I love them, here is my own personal concern... I worry that they might be seen as being not yet been finished. I am hoping this is just because I've been so use to shiny floors. Also now I've begun to worry if a matte finish would be seen as elegant as satin or shiny floor. What do you guys think... are matte finishes elegant? Do you think they are so unusual people might think they are not finished?

I'll be happy to answer your questions or post photos of my new floors, if you or anyone else is interested.

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I have always assumed that the glossy floors would be smooth, would the matte finish texture be any different? Does it make any difference on stairs?

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Smoothness solely depends on how well the last coat is applied and how clean the area was prior to applying said coat

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gregmills, that makes sense. Is there any reason not to with a matte finish?

Also, does it make any difference what brand of stain my contractor uses to stain the hardwoods? Specifically, if he uses either Duraseal or Bona Golden Oak stains, would it affect how the polyurethane lasts? Is it better to try to stick with one brand's product (stain, sealer, finish) or does it make any difference?

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sorry, double post

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Sometimes the stain may need to dry a bit longer depending on what top coat is applied. But generally speaking no it doesnt matter.

Now sometimes if you water pop the floor before staining it will leave a rough texture thus sometimes requiring an extra coat.

Matte sheens look really dry. No shine at all.
In my area 97% of all my customers choose satin.

If you are torn which sheen you want on the last coat apply any sheen you want on the floor as a test spot and then make your decision.

Just make sure you prep the floor well before applying the last coat.

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Czecheart or brownnugen - if either of you are still around on this forum, I'd love to see pictures of your new floors! I'm considering a matte finish myself but would like to see photos of how it looks in other peoples homes.

And now that you've had the floors a few months, do you still like the finish? Would you do it again?


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The two floors we are thinking of purchasing have a satin sheen and even that seems too shiny for me. I was thinking about purchasing unfinished maple or hickory and having it finished on site with a walnut matte.

But I have read that site finished floors are not as durable as factory finish because of the UV poly finish that most factorys have.

How does matte feel?

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@ czecheart We were thinking about Pallmann Magic Oil and I wanted to know how it's holding up. Would you recommend it for a family with young kids? Is it getting scratched up a lot?

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