HELP!! - Craftsman Garage Door Opener/Keypad

wolfspirit95October 27, 2009

My keypad rarely ever works. I can punch the buttons (& I mean literally jab/punch numbers hard out of frustration) & it may open on 3rd or 4th try, or it may not.

Also, the remote used to work at a much further distance from the garage, but now I can pull right up to the garage and have to find the right angle and hit the button several times before the door will go up. I've tried changing the batteries, but that doesn't solve the problem.

The wall button works fine.

Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks!

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The keypad is nothing more than a battery operated remote, the same as the one in your car, however it takes 4 numbers in order to make it transmit.
If your car remotes are not working very well also, then it puts the motor "logic board" into question.

If the logic board is bad, then it is not economically feasable to buy just the board when you consider you can go out to Sears and buy an entire new unit with all the latest bells and whistles on sale for under 200 bucks.

However, here is a keypad problem that you may be experiencing.
After pushing the same buttons for many years, you may have a button going bad on you and not making contact when you push it.
Try reprograming 4 new numbers into the keypad, numbers that have never been used before and see if that works better.

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