New Grandma needs advice

ceelynnceeJanuary 9, 2008

My son and daughter-in-law are having their first child,our first grandchild.I am absolutely THRILLED!I've always given my kids plenty of space,tried not to mettle or butt in.They are great kids,but I know I'm going to want to be involved with my grandchild.How do I do this without being a pushy grandma?

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I don't think most people have a problem being involved, they usually want the grandmother's to baby sit "often". LOL I was getting so involved, I put a stop to baby sitting except in emergencies.

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Start being involved before the baby is born. Be as helpful as you can to your DIL. Show interest in her DR visits. Always remark on how "beautiful" she looks pregnant with your grandchild. Let you DIL feel special and loved because she's a wonderful person and is carrying your grandbaby. The best way to get to the baby is through the Mom. It sounds like you have a good relationship with her, so just improve the good and you'll have a great time with your little one!

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I totally agree with both ladies - good advice. I might add that if your son or DIL ever try to tell you that you've done something wrong, no matter how you feel, just take a big breath and admit it -whether you've done it or not (within reason, of course), and ask if you can make it better. It takes so much courage to bring something like that up, especially to a parent or in-law, and to be ignored, blamed, or witness a tantrum will shut the door to any kind of future relationship. Just my experience - and 2 cents! But I believe you'll do well, you sound so nice! Wishing you all the best, Nancy

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My wife is a wonderful grandma. She has taught me, by her example, some good habits. Most of all, she gives loves, kisses and hugs. We have 7 grandchildren. And they are the delight of our lives, as yours will be! We don't discipline the grandchildren unless the parents ask us too, or we are baby sitting them. Then discipline is given lovingly and only when absolutely needed. Enjoy! Shayne

Here is a link that might be useful:

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