How bog a bedroom is big enough for a king size bed..

andrelaplume2October 25, 2006

Our new Master bedroom is about 12 X 18. It has a separate walkin closet and bat at one end. We have 2 night stands, my tall dresser and my wife's wide dresser/mirror. We also currently have a small tv stand and 20" TV...though this will likely be replaced with a lcd tv down the road. Is this room big enough for our furniture and a king size bed? Other than perhaps needing to take the spread or comforter to a laundry for cleaning now and there a downside to the king?

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Kings bed are great. Only you can answer the question about size and fitting in your room. Size of your other furniture, location of windows and doors, etc., will be your determining factors. Keep your old bed till you are in the room and see how it all works, you can always buy a new bed.

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I was just curious if there was any official standard.

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No standard... as all identically sized rooms will be different due to furniture, doors, windows (like mes444 said), along with heating vents.

King mattresses/beds CAN be more difficult to get up some staircases...

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Our bedroom is 14x15 and we have a king bed, two wide nightstands and a long, low bank of dressers along one wall. And a two side chairs. And there's still plenty of room to walk around.

I use 3D Home Architect 3.0 (out of print but available on ebay--later versions are bad) to see if furniture will fit into a room. It's probably more than you want to get into, but there are free programs available online, I think.

These programs let you draw your room with windows and doors and then select furniture to drop into the room and move around. They're fun and very, very useful! Most of them also have a 3D walk-through feature.

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I think a 13' - 14' bed wall is a good size to accomodte a king bed and two nightstands.

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My room is 14 x 19. We have a king bed, nightstands on either side, a loveseat and ottoman, a TV armoire, and a tall dresser. we also have 2 small tables on either side of the loveseat. The room seems very spacious, even with all the furniture. It does have to do with where your walls and doorways are. No matter how small my room was, I would get a king size bed. You spend 1/3 of your life in a bed, and you won't believe the difference in sleep quality between a king and a queen.

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Our old bedroom was 12x12. We had a king bed, 2 nightstands, dresser, armoire and chest, and the fourth wall was a closet. Most people would call it tight but it was the biggest bedroom either of us ever had, and bigger than what our parents had so we were fine with it.

We put an addition on and moved our young daughter into that room. Funny thing is, she has half the furniture and a twin size bed and it feels like we can't fit another piece in now! :-)

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Our bedroom is a touch under 12x12 and we have a king bed, two nightstands and a large "bunching chest" which is an armoire plus two side tall chests that take up the entire wall opposite the bed. It's fine, the aisles around the bed are large enough to not feel cramped. I can even do an aerobics DVD in there if there isn't any kicking ;).

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