How to finish pine floor in old home?

Maine_MareMay 6, 2012

We are pretty close to finishing a kitchen renovation in our 1810 cape and I just learned that my husband does not like the painted pine that we have in the rest of the house (original to the house but was sanded and repainted 7 years ago) because of the wear with kids and dogs. The floor in the kitchen was to be painted but now I am thinking of doing another finish to the new pine we had installed. After reading a few threads here it seems that pine isn't terribly easy to stain but I really don't want the high gloss of polyurethane. Do I have another option, possibly a wax?

The kitchen sits next to the dining room which has narrow birch flooring which is stained dark but does not seem to have any sealant.

Any suggestions?

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Adding color to pine can be done. Like you said not easily but can be done. If you want that natural finish you have other options that gloss. Many products now offer a semi gloss. A satin. And a matte finish. There is also other types including velvet finish. Many many options. But as a floor profesdional for the love of god stay away from wax!!

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I'd recommend Waterlox... google it. It's more like an oil finish which imparts a bit of color, and can be done by a DIY-er. The good thing is that when wear occurs, you can reapply without having to sand or strip first.

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