Fix or replace garage door?

stinky-gardenerOctober 28, 2009

I have a couple of small dents & cracks in my steel garage door. The house is 22 yrs. old. I've lived in it for 3.5 yrs. How do you know when to replace a garage door? Can the cracks be filled in with something? Actually, I think there is only one crack, about 2.5-3 inches long.

Also, if I keep the door, I would like to paint it a different color. What paint should I use, formula-wise? I'm a Benjamin Moore fan & already know I want to use the color called "Wind's Breath." Anything special I should know about garage door painting?


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When do you replace a garage door? When you're tired of fixing the old one or tired of how it looks. :-)

Might want to try Bondo for the repair. As for painting, visit your local paint store (not home center) for specific product recommendations. Make sure it's clean and you may want to give it a light sanding first.

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You may want to post your painting questions on the 'Paint' forum.

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Thanks, Mike! Yeah, that makes sense. I think I would prefer a different look, in addition to addressing the flaws on my existing door. Any recommendations regarding a reputable brand/door company? Have noticed on this forum there is a lot of dissatisfaction w/Sears/Craftsman doors/openers,which I currently don't have, but who is considered the best if Sears is thought of as the worst? Also, can I just replace the door & keep my existing opener? How can I tell if the opener is about to go & I should replace that? I'm sure any company will try to sell me the whole enchilada.

Yadax, thanks. Will check out "Paint."

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I think my first question would be why is it cracking, and where is it cracking. Top Section, center?

Steel garage doors can be painted, after a good cleaning, with a GOOD quality latex paint.

If your opener is working well.. then yes you can replace just the door and keep the existing op. Might be a little difficult to diagnose whether an op is "about to go". For me, it would depend on how it has been running, the name brand and the age of the opener.

The co. I work for sells a few different brands of openers(including our own brand) and I service all of them plus one's we don't sell. I get the fewest service calls on Liftmaster Ops. NO, I do not work for Liftmaster, but I do have one in my garage :)

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