Ground Prep for Outdoor Storage Shed

ctghostOctober 25, 2007

I bought a 8' x 10' outdoor (sheet metal) type storage shed from Lowes for $250.00. The shed includes a "free" floor kit that will support 3/4" pressure treated plywood.

What, if any prep might you suggest that I make to the area/ground that the shed will sit on? I have read that a slab is the only way to go and also read that you can just set it on the grass and go from their. I really don't want the expense of a slab if I can get away with it.

I intend to use this to store my lawn mower, wheel barrel, and yard tools. I recently moved to the northwest Kentucky, southern Indiana area and have no idea what to do.

Any suggestions or comments will be greatful.


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If you're putting wood down as the floor, don't put it right on the ground. Our shed is wood from the bottom to the top and planted right on the ground. The wood on our shed wicked water up from the ground over the years. The floor is almost entirely rotted out on one side and quite 'bouncy' in the middle. There's also all kinds of pretty colors of mold growing inside.

I plan to tear the old shed down some day and replace it with a plastic one. (The plastic ones look better than the existing one. I don't need anything more to hold rakes and a lawnmower.)

I was planning on laying a gravel pad for the new one and possibly putting it in a higher location. That's just my 'draft' theory. Revisions to be expected!

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Check your local building codes. In my area if the shed is erected on a slab it is considered a permanent structure and requires a building permit. If it is on a gravel bed or raised on blocks it is considered a temporary structure and no permit required.

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3/4" modified stone(ie. gray crushed stone) is usually used around here for putting under a shed. I don't really think the $250 type of shed from Lowes needs a slab, that would probably cost more than the shed itself.
You can use pressure treated 4x4 right on the stone base, and then use 2x4s perpendicular to the 4x4s

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