Engineered wood floors

Us3rMay 3, 2013

Hi. How are the Jasper hand scraped wood floors from I already received the samples (which were delivered next day) and I'm really interested in the Jasper Harbors Collection - Handscraped Maple Engineered Maple - Indian Yellow. The sample passed the scratch, water, and dent test. Everything is good but not really sure how long it will last. It is made in China as well.

I'll be buying 700 - 750 sq ft for about $3000. This will be for the living room, hallway, and family room. Thanks in advance.

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Id be wary about any product from china. They dont have the same quality control procedures that we have in the US. Yes the product is cheap and the sample which is not a sample from the actual 750 sq you bought passed the tests.

You may get lucky and be happy with you product. But think of this. What happens when you come up a bundle short or if half the product isnt as exactly as what you had thought? Now you need to deal with the headache of trying to get more from over seas.

Food for thought

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Thanks for the response gregmills. The product ships from New Jersey. The brand is Jasper.

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"ships from New Jersey"

Shipping has about zero to do with origination (manufacturing) of items.

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I know that. I mean the product is near by so I don't have to wait long if something goes wrong.

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If you purchase from a reputable distributor, they should stand behind the product. They will usually order extra boxes in case any have boards where the color is off...

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Better plan on over buying as a matter of course. The cull rate for crap products is pretty high. A lot of milling issues. What good does it do you to find something for $5 a square foot if you end up culling 40% of it? And then not having enough to finish? All of a sudden that $6.50 domestic product starts to look much better. At least you can go down to the local retailer for it and yell at them in person if you have an issue.

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My friend ordered about 1300 sq ft jasper handscrapped texas birch from them and it's been holding up well. I just ordered my second set of samples at no charge. I'm thinking of getting the hickory floors instead.

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Registered and posted the same day and not posted in any other forum. Doesn't really seem to be interested in any of the replies to the question posed. Discounts opions that don't mesh with the message that's being attempted to be pushed. SPAM? Yeah. I'd bet on it.

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I can't decide between the maple floor (middle) and the hickory floors (lighter and darker colour).

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I like the middle floor the best and then the lighter floor on the left next. I do not care for the darker floor on the right. But this is just my taste.

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"SPAM? Yeah. I'd bet on it."

It would be one way for those seeking free advertising to post and not get caught early on by the site owner and contributors.

I'd be curious to learn the location of the IP address...could prove to be a spammer or not related to Build Direct in any way. But that's up to the site owner to address.

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I apologize if you have already seen my posts, but I want to alert as many people as possible about my experience with BuildDirect, and what they should know before risking purchasing from this company.

Firstly my experience involves purchasing about $10,000 worth of engineered flooring from this company which was shipped directly to my home in Las Vegas. The flooring was then acclimated in the home for 8 weeks!! Then a professional installer began installing and after the majority was installed, it began to delaminate. I immediately notified BuildDirect and sent them photos. Builddirect then said they would send an inspector. I waited and waited. All the while more and more of the flooring delaminated. Then when the inspector finally came he took about 30 mins. He did not even look at an entire level of flooring. He did not look at unused flooring planks which were delaminating. He did not take subfloor moisture measurements. In his report, there was absolutely NO assignment of cause. I subsequently learned that this inspector was not even certified at the time to do wood flooring inspections. BuildDirect came to their own conclusions of the reason for the problem (isnt that the responsibility of the inspector?) blaming my installer. Their explanation was NONSENSICAL. They stated that the house was too dry which dried out the wood and that was the cause. Well the humidity was measured at 31% in the house. The moisture of the external wood was measured at 11%, and the interior moisture level of the flooring was measured at 6%. In case you dont know, 6% moisure level in the wood is not dry at all. Further, 11% moisture level on the surface is VERY MOIST. Indeed, many manufacturers would likely not ship this out due to excessive moisture level. Therefore, BuildDirects claim that the dryness of my home is totally refuted by their own inspectors measurements. Firstly as noted, the flooring was not dry at all, and if anything was too moist. Secondly, if the dryness of my home was responsible for drying the wood, then the surface of the wood should have been dried out more than the interior. Instead the opposite condition existed. Therefore BuildDirects explanation and rationale for the delamination was NONSENSICAL used their own inspectors measurements.

I subsequently hired a highly respected certified wood flooring inspector to do an independent inspection. He did a thorough 3 1/2 hour inspection doing multiple moisture measurements of the surface, interior and subloor moisture measurements. He wrote in his written report that the cause of the structural failure of my floor was, and I quote, "manufacturing responsiblity." Indeed please note that NO FLOOR PRODUCT SHOULD DELAMINATE under residential housing conditions PERIOD. This is actually stated by the Co-founder of BuildDirect himself. Still despite the written report, BuildDirect refused to honor their warranty, continuing to present no coherent explanation of why their product delaminated.

I attempted to sue them, but learned that when you purchase from BuildDirect, their Terms of Use WAIVES your right to do so. Additionally their Terms of Use means that any dispute is decided by an arbitration company that BuildDirect chooses. Lastly since BuildDirect is based in Canada, even if you want to pursue the arbitration process, you have to travel to Canada.

Because my floor had widely delaminated with the surface of the floor peeling up, I had to rip out the entire floor, resurface the subfloor. I purchased another manufacturers product (also enginnered, also same species) and install it. Total cost approximately 50K for a project originally budgeted for 17K. Dont risk this happening to you!!!! Buy from an American company who can more easily be held to their warranty.

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Thank you Orangele for sharing your experience! I will be warned!

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